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Half of My Heart ✔️

Author: koolkenz

Status: Full

Update: 21-04-2022

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how far would you go . . . for someone you love?

Levi steps forward, placing himself between me and Jack. Like he's protecting me from him. But I don't need protecting, certainly not from Jack.

"Who do you think you are, dude?" Levi spits, getting in Jack's face. "Look, Scarlett was just helping me out with a proj-"

"I'm not your dude," Jack bites, and I want to tear my hair out of my head. This is going downhill very fast. Jack turns to me.

"Scar, we need to talk," he says lowly. Then loud enough for Levi to hear, "So can you please get this kid to leave."

"Hey, you don't get to come in here and start ordering her around," Levi says harshly. "You don't control her."

"And you think that you do?" Jack spits.

When Scarlett moved off to college, she hoped to start anew and find her way in this world alone.

Two problems.

One: her older brother goes to the same college, and it seems like he's everywhere, keeping her from doing everything she hoped to do as a college freshman.

Two: her brother's devastatingly handsome best friend also seems hell-bent on ruining her college experience . . . but in a different way.

Their paths keep crossing, and Scarlett is reminded of the powerful attraction that they've both ignored for far too long.

Not to mention, a new face begins to occupy everyday Scarlett's thoughts. When Scarlett is paired with an allusive, darkly handsome stranger for a film project, her world begins to open in ways she never thought possible. But as his mystery unravels into dark secrets, she wonders if she's falling a bit too hard.

Before long, Scarlett is forced to realize that balancing the hearts of two boys at once just might result in the breaking of her own.