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Author: Nighttimestoryteller

Status: Writing

Update: 26-03-2023

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She growl at the sight of him.

The man is kneeling and his wrist was chained to the wall, preventing him from moving. What's even more sickening is the fresh blood dripping to the floor. His scent of forest still lingers in the air but the blood masked his cell. There are new cuts on his body, worsen by the minute if it left untreated. Fumed by how they treat him, Gwyneth rips the cell door open.

Throwing it away, she walks in and eyes on the prisoner. Every step she took makes her wolf howl in pain. He hadn't move but she could hear the faint beating of his heart. Fighting to live. She stops right in front of him but he didn't look up to her. He was too tired. She gulps and brought her shaking hands to his face.

Startled by the sparks, blue eyes open slightly and lift his head.

The woman in front of him took his breath away.

Violet eyes glistening with tears and lips quiver as she takes in his bruised face. Her black hair was a mess in a ponytail and her clothes look royally expensive. He didn't know how long they stare at each other because that moment breaks when her arms engulf him. Again, spark danced on each contact.

"I've found you..."

At last, he is safe.

**Cover book: Credit goes to @Iecbear for creating the lovely cover. I'm awed here**