Author: saskatoonistan

Status: Writing

Update: 20-01-2023

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Meet Jia Song. She kills the killers.

At twenty one, she should be finishing university and entering a profession. That was her parent's plan for her life. That's how everything was supposed to be. Unfortunately nobody asked Jia what she wanted to do. And even if they had bothered, she'd be in a mental institution by now if they ever found out about of the things she sees every time she closes her eyes at bedtime.

And what she's been forced to do about it.

Her "little problem" began when she was seventeen. One ghost at a time, the spirits of murdered women come to her. They fill her dreams with nightmare imagery of their killings. Each horrifying vision continues night after night until Jia hunts the killers and brings justice to the dead.

She's been on the road now for four years, living under everyone's radar. Jia knows there are police in three major cities looking for the person Twitter users have named the #GRUDGEGIRL. But what she doesn't know is that someone is on her tail. Someone who is also haunted by the dead. Someone who bears witness in their own dreams to gruesome killings at the hands of young Asian woman with an eight inch blade.