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Foster Brothers | COMPLETED

Author: QueenKenz11

Status: Full

Update: 03-12-2022

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It's funny how life can be amazing at one moment then terrible the next.

For Campbell West, her life was beyond perfect. She had loving parents, friends, and the perfect home. But piece by piece, her world crumbled and there wasn't anything she could do to stop it. And it just got worse. She was placed in an abusive foster home for two years.

But whenever she gets removed from the abusive home, she is moved to the Cade family.

The Cade family is consist of five teenage boys with their parents. They are the golden family in town, and everybody adored them. They have been waiting and wishing to foster for a long time, and they finally get their wish.

Campbell doesn't plan on opening up her trouble past to the Cades, and she doesn't believe that they will love her. She believes that they will be abusive and mean like her other homes.

However, it's the exact opposite.

Campbell finds herself getting closer to the Cades. She finds herself getting especially closer to Brent Mason-best friend of the Cade brothers. Brent is the quarterback of Midville High, and he is the all around golden boy.

Campbell feels like she is finally finding her place in the world, and she feels like this could be her forever family.

But what happens when people from the past start to show up?

Will Campbell actually feel loved in this family?

Will Brent and Campbell be together in the end?

Find out in Foster Brothers.

(First Book in the Cade Series.)

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