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Finding Hale

Author: sapphiregirl22

Status: Writing

Update: 05-04-2019

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What could be more difficult than finding someone you can't even recognize?

For seven years, Aiken Kirke Elliott was trapped in some girl's memory and was determined to find her no matter what. But how could he find her when he didn't know anything about her except for that remarkable scar on her skin beside her left breast? He didn't see her face nor recognize her voice. Most of all, he didn't know her name. Would he still have a chance to see her again and tell her how much he missed that one particular night they spent together on his bed?

But there was more to that --- something that involved his childhood boyish bestfriend who also disappeared seven years ago. Teffie Saunders. How could he forget the name? How could he forget the girl who gave him his very first heartbreak?

Aiken aimed to find both girls, each for a particular purpose --- to make the former's life a paradise and the latter a living hell. But, what would he do if he found out that the two have one unimaginable connection?