Read Story Finding Betsy (Betsy Jones Book 2)

Finding Betsy (Betsy Jones Book 2)

Author: me2you804

Status: Full

Update: 31-01-2023

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This is the sequel to The Billionaire's Housekeeper. You will need to read book 1 before reading this story.

There are many perks to having a billionaire boyfriend; this was not one of them.

Six months after her attacker was sent to prison, Betsy is fighting to find her way back to herself and the man who holds her heart. With paparazzi hounding her every step of her recovery, she is being tested on every front.

Nick has two beautiful children, a woman he loves, and a successful business. All he needs now is to marry the woman he loves. Yet, even as he looks towards the future, his past is determined to make itself heard.

Only by facing the past can they move forward. But will they be able to fight through and find the happiness they both crave?