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Faith Leigh

Author: nightlighe01

Status: Writing

Update: 16-03-2022

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Two powerful alphas competing for a mate...

A millennium-old prophecy...

An independent human girl...

And a band of misfits...what could possibly go wrong?

Answer? Everything.

Oblivious to the fact that she is The Chosen One, intended to be the miracle of comfort to a mateless werewolf of her choice. On her eighteenth birthday, Faith find herself propelled into a world full of werewolves, witches, and warlocks while she struggles with the downside of being a teenager and an orphan one at that.

With one Alpha who still grieves the loss of his mate and another who has never got the chance of finding his own, who will Faith chose to be her ideal match?

Her choice will be their destiny...but will the quests of finding her true identity influence her decision?

Along the path trust will be tested as questions arise and secrets unravel themselves but in all this chaos will Faith remain true to herself and make the right choice or will she put it all on the line to uncover the truth?

~Previously known as Two Alphas One Luna