Read Story Even if it's not justified, I forgive it

Even if it's not justified, I forgive it

Author: JadaLove300903

Status: Full

Update: 12-07-2020

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DON'T READ THIS FANFIC-GO TO Shanai2 and read Two-faced which is a better version of this, thank you . I mean if you really want to fine but...

Tells the story of Amane's tragic past and difficult life, his parents and his thoughts and how he wonders whether what they are doing is right or not; Essentially he is just a piece on their chessboard. His only escapism is reading books on astronomy and Yashiro Yuki-the past version of Yashiro Nene. As time goes on, he feels himself starting to crack.

How long can he be selfless?

(Art isn't mine and these characters/the original story are from none other than AidaIro)

(Book cover made by me)