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Demon Tanjiro

Author: Crappywifi29

Status: Full

Update: 24-01-2023

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So Tanjiro went to sell his coal but Nezuko went with him to sell some of her mom bread to gain extra money. What if tanjiro left early and left Nezuko to continue selling her mother's bread. What if Nezuko arrived late home to find her family killed but her brother a demon. And what if instead of letting Nezuko and her brother go, they where escort to the Ubuyashiki house to have an trail right way.

In my story Ubuyashiki and Gyomei can see but their eyes are just look like blind people eyes.

In this book, their will no ship shaming of any sort or I'll report you. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people doesn't. There will be spelling errors so please just ignore them.

None of the character I own, they all belong to their rightful owner(the author of demon slayer). Only the story I own.

Couldn't find the artist of this cover page but give credit

Awards worth mentioning

#2 in anime in October 13th 2021
#2 in swap au in November 24 2021
#1 in swap au in November 26 2021
#120 in Yuri in November 30 2021
#102 in demons in January 14 2022
#96 in demons in January 16 2022
#73 in demons in January 17 2022
#70 in demons in January 22 2022
#59 in demons in February 26 2022
#1 in demons in March 19 2022
#2 in demons in March 21 2022
#3 in demons in March 22 2022
#2 in human Nezuko in June 22 2022
#2 in swap au in July 27 2022
#4 in Demon Tanjiro in January 10 2023

List Chapter

A Bitter Prologue

The Rude Awakening

The Bitter-Sweet trails

The Sweet Aftermath

The Surprising Fight

The Smooth Transition To Demon Slaying

Tanjiro First Mission

✨ To Ship Or Not To Ship?✨

Tanjiro First Mission (2)

The Discovery Of Tanjiro

✨ Interview✨

Tanjiro's Keychains

Tanjiro's Keychains (2)

Tanjiro's Keychains (3)

The Strength Of Tanjiro

Friendship Blossoms (1)

Friendship Blossoms (2)

🎉The Interview 🎉


The Journey To The Mist Village

The Mist Demon

Unlocking Demon Blood Art

Discussion About Tanjiro

The Demon Slayer Exam

The Unexpected Surprise + Rankings

Happy National Anime Day

The Strange Man

The Eventful Days

The Illusion Blood Art

New But Late Information

New Demon Slayers

Rankings (2)

Preparations For Nezuko

Shy Butterfly

Learning About Poison and Flexibility

Nezuko First Mission

Are You A Demon Slayer?

An Attack On Tanjiro

The Missing Siblings

Meeting The Lady And The Simp

The Invaders (1)

The Invaders (2)

New Comrades

Love Is In The Air

The Trio Is Reunited

New Breathing and Demon Art

New Breathing And Demon Art (2)

Just Another Demon Meeting

The Train

The train (2)

The Train (3)

The Train (4)

Excitement And Mystery

Two Years Worth

Kanao Is Lovesick

Tanjiro's Final Transformation (1)

Tanjiro's Final Transformation (2)

Tanjiro's Final Transformation (3)

Tanjiro's Final Transformation (4)

Tanjiro's Final Transformation (5)

Tanjiro Final Transformation (6)

Tanjiro's Final Transformation (7)


The Sun's Warmth

An Antidote

It works! It actually works!

We Can Help You

Is This The End?