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Dark Cravings

Author: Parqcxcm_hoe

Status: Writing

Update: 31-12-2022

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[Mafia Fiction]

My eyes were hungrily gawking his while he kept pounding me on his thigh. With each jump, my fingers grabbed the silky fabric of his shirt even tighter, asking him for more, for more of that pleasure that was devouring me every second.

I bit my lower lip, trying to supress my squirms and moans in my breathy voice while grinding my wetness on him. I glanced up at his eyes while they were already set on me with lust and desire overflowing out of them. I could read his thoughts, sparkling. I hid my face in my arms, flustered while squeaking slowly.

Suddenly, he stopped, making me gasp and squirm. Grabbing my face, he made me look up at him, in those sparkling caramel eyes.

"Princess, do you want me to stop and leave you aching for more?" he whispered, spanking me while I tried to rub myself on him.

"No.. please" I begged, licking my lips, asking him for more of it.

He smirked, squeezing my cheek with his hand and whispered again, close to my ears,

"In that case, I want my baby to look at me and show me how desperately she wants it..."

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Heaven Eloise, another name for beauty and grace. In her life, she had everything normal like any other girl of her age. Her naive self thought the world outside is equally beautiful as it looks, but truth starts to unfold as soon as her dad passed away...

Julian Lozano, a ruthless, Italian Mafia Leader who owns the states in his hands. He carries a dark personality with untold truths that makes others fear him for the power he holds. Playing with hearts and lives isn't anything new to talk about but this is destined to change when he finds something that catches his interest for little.... too long.