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Author: latenightcoffeemugs

Status: Writing

Update: 22-02-2018

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"Do you see that?" I whisper, still trying to take in everything that's in front of me. My heart was jumping in my chest out of joy.

Everything looked beautiful.

Until he said something that broke my heart.

"See what?"

Elizabeth Corona is 22 years old and an editor at Coffee House Publishing. She had a perfect life, in her opinion. Despite not having her true love with her.

She lives in a universe where everyone sees black and white from the day they're are born to the day that they meet their "soul mate." You'll know who your soul mate is once you've had the smallest type of physical contact.

But to her, "soul mates" a total bull crap, because her soul mate rejected her in high school and since that day she had decided that she was happy with the way her life was without him.

Until he shows up again...

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