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Codename: Childe

Author: DuskNarns

Status: Full

Update: 10-12-2022

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A Childe x Reader (COMPLETED)

You were robbed of a world where you were a queen, where you were the one who had the power over everyone and anyone...

You were the daughter of one of the most powerful rulers of Liyue, alongside Ningguang's Qixing. After Rex Lapis entrusted Liyue to the mortals, your rich family arose to take control.

But that was all taken away with the simple words of a Harbinger.

"Take her to Snezhnaya. I believe she would prove useful to the Tsaritsa.".

And your family said nothing in your defense.


Warnings: Violence.

There's little to no smut in this although it is implied and can be a bit suggestive. The reader is a fem!reader.

All pictures not mine unless I say so.

Inspired by @tsumeru on AO3!!

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