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Claimed By Him

Author: dynamicduo00

Status: Full

Update: 20-08-2022

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You want it? Then fight for it.

When Serena was rejected by her mate, she made it to the other side but she wasn't the same anymore. She became bitter. It would be the only way to put it.

She leaves behind everything to get away from her ex-mate but she stumbles into unknown pack territory. She meets her second chance there.

Adrian's past is filled with pain and heartache. He didn't even think in his wildest imaginations that he would have a second chance. Let alone come face to face with her. Will he be able to battle his own demons and love again?

Serena is determined to make this work. She is going to battle everything and everyone in her way to get to the mate who keeps pushing her away.

As they say; the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.