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Children of Sun - The Gift

Author: Disamb

Status: Writing

Update: 10-03-2022

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Max was born 250 years ago. He is one of the few remaining "Naturals" who survive the devastating crisis humanity had endured. The world is very different from what it used to be. Humankind had split into three distinct genera: Naturals, Mods, and Outers. Mods dominate the Earth. Enhanced by Nanots infusion, they have increased strength, vitality, and intellect. Many chose to accept further enhancement to excel in their select specialization. The enhancement makes them less human, with logic prevail over emotions. The naturals are unmodified people. During decades of survival, they created a reach and diverse culture. They often group: from tribal gatherers, smugglers, or even artistic communities to dedicated scientific campuses or military-style installations. The Outers are space outcasts. They cybernetically augment their bodies to survive the harshness of space. With unique technology, Outers try to resist Mod's expansion to space.