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Author: Merioanlytha

Status: Writing

Update: 22-03-2023

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The second in the Clanmate series, this is Lio's story.


Strong. Smart. Sharp. Quiet. Unobtrusive. Unassuming. Hunter.

Lio has always stayed in the shadows. It is where he prefers to be - and it is where he hunts. One of Clan Intelligence's best, he is experienced at dealing with every kind of situation, every kind of trouble. He has no intention of ever being the main mover in the game, he is quite content with being a lesser player, with manoeuvring behind the scenes.

And then his mate bursts into his life.

Changing the game.

**This is NOT a sequel to 'Hide and Seek', but is set in the same world and shares some characters introduced in that book. Reading H&S will give context to this and will make reading this easier, but it's not absolutely necessary.