Read Story Charcoal Grey ( april 2021 )

Charcoal Grey ( april 2021 )

Author: Dragon_T9

Status: Writing

Update: 15-02-2023

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"Imma need a name." She mutters, making sure she had the right guy.

"Aaron Hotchner. Hotch." Definitely Emily Prentiss's team.

Biting her bottom lip again, Madeline smiles widely, "Well, since I'm about to destroy my reputation by leaving here as if I was about to fuck every single one of you Hotchkins, I would hope you need me for something very important." She pauses for a moment, "Slap my ass." Madeline tells him, winking at the shocked breakfast judger. She was blunt, sue her.

Aaron doesn't hesitate, slapping her ass a bit harder than she was expecting but she didn't even flinch, "We're leaving, now. And every single one of you, even awkward over there needs to constantly touch or try to touch me. Oh and I'm driving, government vehicles interest me." more like She needed to place bugs.