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Changed ❥ Young Derek Hale [0]

Author: -dunbae

Status: Full

Update: 11-09-2016

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"And all she knew was that everything had changed.."

Mikayla Griffin was a sweet, yet sassy girl who kept her head down and succeeded at whatever she put her mind to, but when forced to be lab partners with a troubled, young Derek Hale, her motives and goals slowly shift from academic to supernatural. Soon, she's too far down the rabbit hole to climb her way back out, but for some reason the last thing she wants is to be free of the supernatural, including a certain strictly-black-clothes-wearing beta.

*you do not have to have seen Teen Wolf to read 'Changed'*

Disclaimer: I do not own Derek or any of the Hales, Kate Argent or any other characters mentioned in Teen Wolf.

my absolutely beautiful cover was made by the incredible @GRANTGUSTlN