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Author: angelplum015

Status: Full

Update: 22-10-2022

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Lili has always felt alone. With the abuse of her foster parents, she never knew what it was like to be loved...

Once receiving shocking news that she must now live under the custody of her five older brothers, her whole world is flipped all around.

Lili has secrets....but so do her brothers....
Will they learn to accept each other? Will Liliana learn to trust them? Will they reunite to be the happy family they used to be, or will everything just crumble beneath their feet?

*This is my first story so don't hate too much. The writing may be bad and cringe at first but it gets better <3*


#1 Family Secrets 6/29/21
#1 little sister 6/29/21
#3 older brother 7/1/21
#2 little sister 6/ 14/ 21
#1 abandoned 7/1/21