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Author: ApocalypticArtillery

Status: Writing

Update: 19-01-2020

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VLD! Keith x Reader

Sometimes to avoid bullies, you have to date the scariest guy in the room. Keith Kogane likes to fight, it's no secret to his peers, and certainly not to you. You and Keith are new to being classmates. However, You've seen him fight others plenty of times. Like behind the gym, or in the hallway outside the library, or more recently, outside the girls' restroom near the auditorium...

He's quiet, violent, and a tyrant. Though, that's just what the rumors say. That the young man is some kind of supernatural creature, or that he was raised by cannibals. Of course, rumors also say that you drive people to suicide.

So what will happen when Keith "Killer" Kogane saves an unsuspecting Y/N from a peeping tom?

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