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Author: AMLKoski

Status: Full

Update: 30-03-2022

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Liviya Burch had a wonderful life, loving parents and a bright future filled with love. Everything for her was going according to plan, that is until her eighteenth birthday when her entire world fell apart. It was the day she discovered she had a flaw.

She couldn't fall in love.

Unable to bond to humans Liv is considered broken by those looking over her case. Now twenty-five years old and all out of hope, she was given one last chance at finding her soul mate but when her flaw causes her to fail once again, she is slated for recycling. The law is the law and broken things must be recycled but fate is ever changing and Liv finds love when she least expects it.

However, Liv discovers that life and love are never easy when everyone around her threatens to tear her and her soul mate apart because the first of many loves will never be easy for the winds of change blow harshly and the darkness will fight back against its fiery light.