Read Story BoyxBoy Recommendations Part 3

BoyxBoy Recommendations Part 3

Author: Abcdlmnopqr

Status: Writing

Update: 07-03-2023

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BoyxBoy stories that I recommend.
*None of the works are mine and I give credit to the authors of the work in each part*
I ran out of room in parts one and two so I added a part three.

List Chapter

Taming Arrogance (MalexMale) ⟪COMPLETE⟫

If We Are Forever ✓

The Sun and The Stars (BoyxBoy)

Kissing Men (BoyxBoy | Mature)


Growing Attached To My Competition ✔️

His Getaway (bxb) | ✔︎

Fear of Kissing ✓

Fragile Threads [boyxboy]

My Bittersweet Love Story [BxB+][Poly]18+✔︎


The Unexpected Love

The Wait Is Over (BxB) Book 1

Her Mistake Was My Gain (MxM) Book 2

The Traitor (The Third Wheel's spin-off)

Blurred Lines [BxB]

the anatomy of love [bxb]

Opalina Outpost

Dream Eater (m|m)

A Triad With Ash Minor (MxMxM)✓

Somewhere (MxM)

Miles (BoyxBoy)


Static Crush {M/M}

Conversion Academy [boyxboy]

Learning to Love | ✓

Stallion Mage: A Horse Shifter Mpreg Romance (COMPLETE)

Bonding With The Enemy (BxB)✔︎

And Then There Were Five (BxBxBxBxB)✔︎

In The Black (BxB)✔︎

Solar Flare (bxb)

Unlike My Enemy (MxM)

The Claimed: A Clash of Copper and Gold (mxm)

Her Dad My Daddy (manxboy) ✓

Where to Find Love (MXM) ✔︎

Craving Purity

Stolen Innocence

Burning Desire

The Demon's Vampire

The Hell Lord's Prize

Sweet Addiction

A Star for Baby (boyxboy)

The Omega's Savior

The Alpha's Soul


The Crimes of an Alpha ✔️

The Terms of an Alpha ✔️

The Fallen Prince

Twenty Over Thirty || manxman

My Mate's Touch

My cellmate (BxB) COMPLETED ✔️



The Two Lunas

Don't Tell My Brother

Maid For His Love {mxm}

Seven Deadly Sons I ✓

Seven Deadly Sons II ✓

Seven Deadly Sons III ✓

Rage With Benefits

Fade Into Blue

The First Omega || NaNoWriMo 2019

Falling For A Gladiator COMPLETED ✔︎...

May-December | ✓

The Beta (boyxboy) (Book One)

The Alpha (BoyxBoy) (Book Two)

Shifting Boundaries |✔️

Enemies with benefits

When we were Wallflowers

Race Me, Cupid

To Share You (manxman)

Make Me Beg [BL]

Curveball [BL]

His Thickest Desire

Midnight Needs

The Man With The Gloves (mxmxmxm)

Akimbo || A Rewrite ✓

Mate Massacres

Mate Mysteries

Fading Embers

Lost Puppy

Against All Odds

Lost and Found (manxboy) ✓

Planet B

Guide to Taming a Human

To Build a Home ✔️

Hidden Play (MalexMale) ⟪COMPLETED⟫

Hidden Play: The Return ⟪COMPLETE⟫

Losing Control

Vampirism | ✓

Hunter's Hidden Camera [completed]

Dark Moon

We Make Mayhem [boyxboy]

Touch Me (boyxboy)

Find My Heart (boyxboy)

What it Means to Have You

We'll Always Have the Dickinson

Flat Tire

Aconitum ✿

tangled up in blue (boyxboy)

Unsealed By The Ex-Con

Mateless and Luna Bound

Mateless And Rogue Bound

Mateless and Home Bound

Sweet Revenge (m|m)

Favorite Friend

Why You Shouldn't Lend A Bad Boy Your Clothes

Breaking the Fantasy (Polyfidelity)

Marriage trap

Falling For Him (bxb) ✔️

The Secretes of The Reverence Pack

The Tale of Two Killers (Book One) | ManxMan |

The Tale of Two Killers: To Kiss a Killer (Book Two) | boyxboy |

The Tale of Two Killers: Silver Lining (Book Three) |

The Tale of Two Killers: Blood Harvest (Book Four) | boyxboy |

The Tale of Two Killers: Young Again (Book Five) | boyxboy |

Heart's Blood (MxM)

Heart's Redemption (MxM)

Heart's Price (MxM)

Heart's Desire

Tense ✔️

Delicate ✔️

The Taste of Home

Bird Boy [LGBT] [A/B/O]✔︎

Fox (mxm)

Bear (mxm)

Snake (mxm)


The Struggles of Waiting ✔︎

Far From Home One: The Warlord's Chosen

Far From Home Two: The Monster's Heir

The Palace Guard (MxM)

Peepers Chapter One (boyxboy)

Peepers Chapter two (boyxboy)

To Be A Carnivore

Morning Shift

Fifty Million Followers [BOYXBOY]

Serial Dating

Loving the Fighter

Fighting a New World

Winning His War

Radio Waves (manxman) [Match Maker Series]

A New Road (manxman) [Match Maker Series]

Fanboy (boyxboy)

King's Guard ✔️

Terrestrial Alien ✔︎

Going Rogue

Redemption (boyxboy) (18+)

I Will Sail With No Pirate! (mxm)

June & Joker