Read Story BoyxBoy Recommendations Part 2

BoyxBoy Recommendations Part 2

Author: Abcdlmnopqr

Status: Full

Update: 07-03-2023

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BoyxBoy stories that I recommend.

*None of the works are mine and I give credit to the authors of the work in each part*

I ran out of room in part one so I added a part two.

List Chapter

The Bodyguard's Duty ✅

Erin's Escort (MxM)✓

Why I Love Him | ✓


Daddy's Favorite (ManxBoy)

The Commander's Legacy - MxM

Before The Sun Sets (ManxMan)

Sweet Surrender (Short Story)✔︎

Business and Pleasure SLASH, MxM

Escort || manxman

A Promise Fulfilled [mxm/slash]

In Between Days: Raising Jordan (boyxman)(completed)

Christmas Gift

Hollywood Politics {BoyxBoy}

Gold Dust

Personal Assistant: Limited Edition[MXM]✔︎

He Changed Me (BoyxBoy)

Waiting Room

Kill Like A Gentleman ✓

For The Camera (boyxboy)

Lover for Pay: The Escort & the Teacher (manxman)

A Murder Of Crows [boyxboy]

Clover |✔️

Enamour [boyxboy]

Addiction [BxB] (Unedited)

Unconventional Lovers ☑️

Oakleaf Academy For Boys

Kissing Wounds |✔️


The Woods ✔️

Pretending [boyxboy] [slash]

Public Displays of Affection (boyxboy)

The Art of Faking Straight

Like Sugar [MXM] √

Baby steps ~『boy ✮ boy 』Under editing

Homebound (BoyxBoy)

Sheets | √

The Quarterback's Gigolo [boyxboy]

Changing Tides〈COMPLETE〉




Monochrome beat (boyxboy)✔︎

Blaze (boyxboy)

Suite Mates (bxb)

Falling stars (BOYXBOY)✔︎

How To Be Straight

sorry.papa (boyxboy) ✓

Dare to Be Us (boyxboy)(completed)

Blame It On Paris : Blame Game #2 | boyxboy |

The Price of Popularity (BoyxBoy)

Take Me to Church (boyxboyxboy)(complete)


BETA MINE (mxm || lgbtq)

A Secretary's Job

One Bite ✓

Luka (BxBxBxB) (Completed)

The Wrong Mate (BoyxBoy)

Invisible [ManxBoy; Mpreg]

Two Mates (bxbxb)

Fangs - LGBT, manXman

Swooped | ✓

The Boy in the Woods (boyxboy)

The Devil Himself (ManXBoy) COMPLETED

My Personal Little Devil (boyxboy)

Loveless (M|M, COMPLETE)

The Demon's Curse (BXB)


Arctic Ties

Of Different Waters (boyxboy)

The Freak (mxm)

Mates of a Human


This is Glek

Sit, Stay, Roll Over ✓

SSRO2: Daddy's Home ✓

Campus Crush (boyxboy)

Campus Love (sequel) Malexmale

Campus 3: A Love Like Ours

Beneath The Lies

Beneath The Waves (bxb)

Beneath the Courage

Tainted: Listening to the Silence (Book 1)

Tainted: Hearing Is Not Listening (Book 2)

My Guardian Angel (BoyXBoy)

My Reaper (BoyxBoy)

Now See Here! (m/m)

See if I Care!

Bound For Life |MxM|

The Bet |BxB|

Alpha Mates

Beta Mates

His One & Only Weak Spot

His One & Only Blind Spot

His One & Only Soft Spot

His One & Only Dark Spot

My Home Is With You [mxm; mpreg]

Never, My Alpha

Only Mine

The Fear of Falling Apart (BoyXBoy)

The Full Moon [boyxboy]

Dreamscape [boyxboy]

Into The Woods [boyxboy]

Moonstone Romance [boyxboy]

The Pauper's Dream [boyxboy]

The Sorcerer's Lullaby [boyxboy]

I Kissed A Boy [boyxboy]

And I Kissed His Brother?! [boyxboy]

Dear Uncle Vic [boyxboy]

Stop Bullying Me! [boyxboy]

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice [boyxboy]

To Be or Not to Be [boyxboy]

The Little Merman (mxm)

Undeniably In Love (mxm)

Seven Hundred

For A Price

Mr. Spice & Everything Nice (BoyxManxMan+)

We All Fall Down (BoyxManxMan+)

No Snips & Snails or Puppy Dog Tails (BoyxBoy+)

Bed Buddies | ManXMan

Sweet & Sour | ManXMan

Consequences [BxB] (Edited)

Unrequited [BxB] (Unedited)

Insatiable [BxB] (Unedited)

Seduction [BxB] (Unedited)

Unexpected [BxB] (Unedited)

Master, my Master | boyxboy | (Book One: The Master Collection)

Timeless Masters (Book Two: The Master Collection) boyxboy

Wondrous Master [tragic version] (Book Three: The Master Collection) boyxboy

The Master Finale | manxman | (Book Four: The Master Collection)

Death Waltz (BoyxBoy)

Love and Lust (BoyxBoy)

Innocence (BoyxBoy)

Night Nurse (ManxMan) TLC Book #1

Homeless (mxm)

Stranded (mxmxm) (polyfidelity)

Cell Mates (boyxboy) (Book 1: Behind Bars)

The awakener (bxb)✔️

Apple Pies and Stethoscopes (BoyxBoy)

The Battle Of Wills |MxM|

The Black Sheep

Rehusó (Manxboy)

Enforce Me

Dangerous Tension (LGBT - Sci-Fi - Romance)

Diell Breaker (LGBT- Sci-Fi - Romance)

Pirate (LGBT - Sci-Fi - Romantic)

Suns (LGBT - Sci-fi - Romance)

Fallen for an Angel

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