Read Story [BL]Second Wife Of Wealthy Old Man

[BL]Second Wife Of Wealthy Old Man

Author: Rezioj27

Status: Full

Update: 29-09-2022

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Author : Tangerine Boat
Status: Complete
Status in COO:Complete (86 Chapters + 2 Extras)
Myanmar Translator: @little_yihua

Meng Yang did a lot of silly and wrong things in his life, like a mischievous child that was impossible to deal with. Only after his tragic death did he learn that he was a character in a book and was a cannon fodder to set off the protagonist's suffering.

Although he had done some hateful things, the protagonist gong and protagonist shou weren't entirely innocent. The protagonist gong betrayed him first and the protagonist shou framed him, and so when he was reborn, he decided to...Marry the protagonist gong's father, the head of a powerful family, and give the protagonist gong a few younger brothers.

Originally thinking that the man was older, he thought it would be difficult. He didn't expect that the old man was not only physically strong, but also more handsome than the main characters, and that the steady strength and charm of a mature man was so attractive that people can't close their legs... Ah bah (I accidentally told the truth), I guess I can't close my mouth.

Luo Xiu's business marriage with his ex-wife had been over for many years, and it was impossible to predict that he would take a boy so young to become his wife, when he had originally thought to protect him as a son.

It's just that this delicate, white and tender little guy was so charming that he couldn't help but spoil him and eventually even give him his heart.


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