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Bleach X That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Author: Thehollownight936

Status: Full

Update: 20-03-2023

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I've had this idea rolling around my head for a while now and I couldn't really focus on my other books because most of the ideas kept turning into something for this so I talked with @SwordAir and he has agreed to help me make this a reality so from the both of us enjoy

Neither myself or sword air own That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime or Bleach

List Chapter

Part 1:the battle and how i became a slime

Part 2:Calling Back The Hero Of The Winter War

Part 3:Opposing Views

Part 4: healing the injured

part 5: Squad Zero

Part 6:welcome to Reioukyuu

Part 7:Palace of the Hot Springs

part 8:the first Kenpachi

Part 9:Palace of food

Part 10:Palace Of Swords

Part 11:Palace of Swords Part 2 and a battle begins

Part 12:Kenpachi Vs Kenpachi

Part 13:Kenpachi vs Kenpachi Part 2

Part 14:Kenpachi vs Kenpachi part 3

Part 15:a blade like no other

part 16:the successor

Part 17:The Seirietei Dissapears

Part 18:invasion

Part 19:Invasion part 2

Part 20:invasion part 3

Part 21:Regain Bankai

Part 22:Bankai

part 23:Vollstandig

Part 24:on the way

Part 25:human transformation technique

Part 26:Kokujo Tengen Myo'o Dangai JOUE

Part 27: Execution

Part 28:Back Again

Part 29:The Arrival

Part 30:Where Is Your Heart?

part 31: moving back up

Part 32:back at the soul palace

part 33:yhwach vs ichibei part one

part 34:yhwach vs ichibei part 2

Part 35:The Three kings

Part 36: Piercer Of Heaven

Part 37:The lines of fate

Part 38:the battles end

part 38.5: what could have happened rimuru vs aizen

Part 39:back to a somewhat normal life

part 40:Tempest secret weapon

Part 41:the new soulking

Part 42:thinking of who to take

Part 43:making a deal

Part 44:Old school friends arrive

part 45:strange sound

Part 46:A unexpected return

Part 47:kisuke tastes torture

Part 48:back in karakura

Part 49:A day in karakura

Part 50:A day out

Part 51:a figure in the sky

Part 52:a Annoying demon lord

Part 53:Assassins

Part 54:the wife assert her place

Part 55: Memories and a decision of a old enemy

Part 56:Arriving

Part 57:Rimuru vs Tokinada

Part 58:a Request

Part 59:A Decision

Part 60: central 46 no more

Part 61:a new group in soul society

Part 62:To hueco mundo

Part 63:isshin finds out

Part 64:a little contest

Part 65:Back home

Part 66:a visitor

part 67:Yukatas


Part 68:the festival begins

part 69:Rimuru X Ciel

part 70:the festivals end

Part 71:timeskip

Part 72:Back to the city of Rimuru

part 73:the end

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