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Billionaire In Love With The Baker

Author: PurplezBubble

Status: Full

Update: 23-08-2022

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20 year old Ava Winston works in a small bakery.

She is kind, sweet and shy. Her parents passed away so she has to take care of her 5 year old adopted brother.

23 years old Carter Nicholson is the richest and biggest billionaire in the world.

He is arrogant and rude, he has a younger sister and kind parents as well.

When Ava and Carter first cross lines past each other, it wasn't the in most amazing way in fact it was in the most humiliating way possible for either one of them.

But do you think they will get along with each other
since they'd have to face each other every day?

Join their journey of sadness, arrogance and love and find out what will happen!

Amazing cover is by @the_vampgal