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Betrayed By Fate

Author: alice-ayuzawa

Status: Full

Update: 13-08-2021

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PREVIOUSLY CALLED "My Coldhearted Beta"
Highest Rank #2 in Werewolf
(Idk how though)


"I , Jake Anderson, reject you Lily Kim as my mate"

"...Do you want me to accept this rejection?"

I asked him making sure I don't rush things and crush the small chance of happiness I have.

Plus he's going to regret this rejection later because his wolf is going to hate him unless he's like his possessor and doesn't want me.

He looks at me confused. I'm pretty calm for someone who just got rejected.

It's not like I didn't expect a rejection.

He's the Beta of the 'Alpha king' so why should he want a mate like me?

I thought I would die before I meet my mate.


Involved with the Redmoon pack, Lily Kim has to endure the torture of the scientist, the Redmoon pack is known for their advanced knowledge, potions and more.

They use rogues as living test objects, most of them don't live a week. The more suprised were the scientist that Lily lived throught the torture for a year.

She was able to escape, but on their way to a new start, she was bound to meet with...complications in form of Lily's mate, the Beta of the Nightfall pack, who didn't seem pleased to see his mate.

It takes more than a measly rejection for Lily to give up on a person she has waited far too long for.

(A story where you will hate characters, love others, mourn over the fourth wall, laugh your ass off, and HOPEFULLY cry a little...who doesn't like some feels?)


I can just say that it might be confusing at first but it has its reasons, once you read further I believe almost all of it will make sense.

Warning ⚠️(not what you think pervs) it is unedited and has a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. (I am very slowly editing whenever I have time) the first chapters might be wonky but it gets better (I think), it is my first attempt in writing after all, so keep that in mind.

Also it may contain topics that could be considered triggering (the bloody kind)

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Author Note

"That smile of yours is haunting me"

Chapter 1 |Wolfsbane

Chapter 2 |Alpha Visitor

Chapter 3 | Escape

Chapter 4 | Jenn

Chapter 5 | Stranger

Chapter 6 | Mate

Chapter 7 | 'Alpha King'

Chapter 8 | Rejection

Chapter 9 | Taunting

Chapter 10 | Awaken

Chapter 11 | Stay

Chapter 12 | Tag Along

Chapter 13 | Jake

Chapter 14 | Aether

Chapter 15 | Shopping

Chapter 16 | Flower

Chapter 17 | Bloodshed

Chapter 18 | "Lily"

Chapter 19 | Confronting

Chapter 20 | Return

Chapter 21 | Past

Chapter 22 | Brother

Chapter 23 | "Netflix And Chill"

Chapter 24 | Lost

Chapter 25 | Seer

Chapter 26 | Memory

Chapter 27 | Heated

Chapter 28 | Apple

Chapter 29 | Arlen

Chapter 30 | Bunny?

Chapter 31 | I Love You

Chapter 32 | Surprise?

Chapter 33 | Forest

Chapter 34 | "Rogue"

Chapter 35 | Prank

Chapter 36 | "Nothing happened"

Chspter 36.5 | Bonus

Chapter 37 | Kiss

Chapter 38 | Luke

Chapter 39 | R.I.P

Chapter 40 | "I won't"

Chapter 41 | Party

Chapter 42 | "Burn it!"

Chapter 43 | Silver

Chapter 44 | Leave

Chapter 45 | "GIVE ME UNICORNS!"

Chapter 46 | Meeting

Chapter 47 | Zaire

Chapter 48 | Punch Me

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Chapter 49 | Save her

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Chapter 50 | I Will Tell Him

Chapter 51 | Pain

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Chapter 52 | Goddess

Chapter 53 | Angel


Chapter 54 | Time

Chapter 55 | Blood

Chapter 56 | Home

Chapter 57 | "I love you..."

Chapter 58 | Why

Chapter 59 | You Are Lost

Chapter 60 | Smile

Epilogue |1| Brown

Epilogue |2| Babies

Epilogue |3| Story

Epilogue |4| Mystery?

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