Read Story Be, My Last (Reason)

Be, My Last (Reason)

Author: BestWishes1986

Status: Writing

Update: 03-08-2022

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An adult BL fiction (trigger warnings for violence and strong sexual scenes)

Born to wealth and privilege. Aizen Renald stood on a bridge wanting the one thing he couldn't find in life: Peace. After a heartbreaking deception from the people closest to him all he wanted was to die. But with a chance encounter with a pick pocket he finds a reason to continue living.

Born to poverty and shame. Katsuragi Chen had been robbing unsuspecting people of their wallets to build enough savings to leave the city of Avalon where everyone knew the name Hideo Chen. The man who ruined so many lives before being thrown in prison. But as he is chased by the last man he pickpockets his own survival is all he cares about.

The two met by a random act of thievery, but become tied to one another by fate. Their lives interweaving as an insidious plot begins to unfold around Aizen. One putting him in grave danger. Katsuragi, never one to ignore someone in need steps up to protect the naive young master. But when the men who wish Aizen death are revealed it could shatter the delicate life Katsuragi once wanted to leave and change the course of both their lives forever.