Read Story Bakersfield - Blood Money

Bakersfield - Blood Money

Author: BestWishes1986

Status: Writing

Update: 29-01-2021

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18+ for violence and strong sexual content

Young hitman Kevin Barton and his mentor Fish do a routine hit on bookie Marvin Guiterez. But discover there is more to this simple hit then either knew when they find a stash of drugs and two million dollars. The two agree to hide the money until the heat dies down on the murder. But nothing is ever that simple.

Fish performs a disappearing act, leaving with the money early. Kevin investigates his mentor and learns that Fish had spent time with a bartender before vanishing. Kevin goes to see the bartender and is shocked to see it's not just a man, but a childhood friend of his.

The two's reunion turns bloody as Kevin is drawn into Eben's life. But, Eben has secrets of his own and isn't above lying or killing to keep them just that.