Read Story AMONG BEASTS - Part I : Vermillion Son

AMONG BEASTS - Part I : Vermillion Son

Author: NicoGonzalez504

Status: Full

Update: 21-09-2018

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A proud member of the "GOLDEN NOVELS" book selection by The Golden Pen Awards.
If you liked The hungar Games... look no further.

Are you ready to be suckerpunched? Rhor Citadel is besieged by the worst threat of the Open Lands: the Beasts. Only silence answers their radio calls, forcing Rhor to send one of its own out into the wild to seek aid. But, when you yell in a dark room, you don't know who will answer your call.

Warning: This is no bedtime story. It's a tail about life and the way it punches you in the face and smashes your teeth out of your mouth. I've tried to keep descriptions as balanced as possible, not too long nor too short, the pace of the story interesting, I hate it when a story stalls for nothing, so everything has a purpose, even if it's not obvious immediately, and I did my best to keep the tension growing slowly but constantly. I hope you enjoy it, and if so, please recommend it, add it to your personal library, leave a comment and vote. It's a big, mean world and Malcolm Strongchild is alone in it with a burden on his shoulders.

+13. Contains some violence and coarse language.