Read Story Abducted (Shidge/Mallura AU)

Abducted (Shidge/Mallura AU)

Author: ThatOneServant

Status: Full

Update: 21-05-2020

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(AU where instead of Matt and Samuel Holt, it was Katie and her mother who went with Shiro for the kerberos mission.)
They were rotting away in a cell. Katie could hear every sound as fear rushed over her when she'd awoken. Shiro had been kind to her and her mother during the mission and that didn't change as they were locked away. They were fine as long as they were together, helping one another and the other prisoners, but then Katie's mother is taken from the cell, leaving Katie with the fear of losing Shiro and being alone.

I don't own Voltron, only the plot (and maybe the Au. it may already exist and I'm too lazy to search it up)