Read Story A Similar Tone (Remake)

A Similar Tone (Remake)

Author: jad686

Status: Writing

Update: 12-10-2022

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(This is a remake of the original book since it has been almost a year since I have last done something with it. Plus, it's outdated at this point.)

Alternative Universes. In a world with many scientific abnormalities it seems that in the near future this would not seem so far fetched. It appears that the time is now that it is accepted as fact. This starts with a 8th grader named Mason Parker who has been warped into a world that is like his own. But there is one main difference, one that flipped that universes entire world upside down. Who could've thought that a game cartridge would change a person's life? Watch Mason as he grows from a once anxious child to a truly confident leader.