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Author: MinjasKim99

Status: Writing

Update: 16-11-2022

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A story of a Spy, A hitman , An Esper, and A normal kid

Is he really normal?

A child that has been expose to the horrors of the world can never grow up nor live normal, but is it really their fault?

As a child when you're surrounded by people with bad intentions, even if you didnt grow up with those intentions you are still affected.

If you are a child who didnt grow up being surrounded by those thoughts, and grew naive and happy, you are considered normal, but is it the same when you are born different??

Curiosity drives a child's passion, if you put an item in a box and they saw it, they'll ask you to tell them what's inside, if they don't get the answer from you, they'll find ways to figure it out themself.

Some child are born with huge curiosity, sometimes they dont ask the questions they need answer from the adults, sometimes they observe.

And a child observing its surroundings is bound to never grow up normal, not when that child questions everything but never ask.

That kind of child, will grow up learning the rules of Mind games.

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