+ 42 : Obedience [🌢️] +

Y'all know what the chili means
But dis more spicy- I think

Also really doesn't have anything to do with the plot but I wanted to write it so badly aAaaA

It was friday evening, and a few weeks since (Y/n) got back into school. Her days of letting Childe get away with teasing her has finally come to an end and she had devised a marvelous plan to get back at her boyfriend.

"Childe!" Still dressed in only a towel and fresh out of the shower she walks to the male already looking stressed out from college.

"What?" He mumbled half asleep.

"Look here."

"Wha- oh."

A wild blush crept up Childe's face, his gaze lingered on the girl's exposed shoulders, anticipating what move she'd make next.

"Bleeh!" (Y/n) stuck her tongue out and ran into his room. In one of the cabinets hidden in a more secretive location, that's where she found her boyfriend's kinky little toys. After snooping around in his absence, she was able to find them and prepare for this day.

She pulled out a blindfold from the cabinet filled with wild items and set it aside, then quickly grabbed a neck tie from Childe's closet. She promptly hid it behind her back when the door opened and the male turned beast entered with one hand brushing through his orange hair. His blue eyes pinned to her like a lion dominating it's prey.

But she? She didn't want to be dominated this time.

"Someone looks a bit frustrated. Care to take a seat on your bed and close your mind for a moment? I promise I won't mess with you again." She said with a honey sweet tone of voice.

"Is that so?" Childe feigned obedience and sat down on the bed and closed his eyes.

"That was easier than I thought."

She took the blindfold she set aside, climbed up onto the bed and put it on Childe. Curious on what she had planned, he didn't bother to fight back.

Her hands slipped from his face to his t-shirt, taking it off for him before she pushed his arms back and tied his hands together with the neck tie.

"This is a... little different (y/n)." Childe commented. His breath was warm. So was his face. His heart raced, the feeling of being unable to see or know what was going to happen next.

"Don't you like it?" (Y/n) ran her finger down his bare chest, then proceeded to kiss his jaw. "This is my revenge on you, Childe. So be obedient for me alright?" She whispered.

(Y/n) being so dominant was such a rare treat, Childe couldn't keep still even if he tried. He trembled under her touch, her cool breath against his skin longing to feel her.

She planted kisses from his jaw, to his neck, and going down from his chest until she reached the place that has been painfully hard since he had seen her half naked figure.

"(Y/n) please get rid of the neck tie, I want to touch you."

"I said it's my revenge." She teasingly rubbed against the buldge still suffering under clothes.

"Damn it." Childe couldn't hold back letting out a few small moans. "This is too unfair."

"Is it really?"

(Y/n) came back up to kiss him on the lips, her arm around his neck and he was struggling to remove the neck tie that kept him bound.

While (y/n) enjoyed the freedom to touch Childe and see his reactions, listening to his moans, he soon tore the neck tie apart.

"You should've gone with the chains, sweetheart." He smiled diabolically before taking the blindfold off and flipping (y/n) so that he'd be ontop of her. "This is going to be the best dinner I've had in a while."

"Now this! This is too unfair!" The girl hid her embarassed face in her hands. The towel she wore had been unraveled and every inch of her body has been exposed.


"My back freaking hurts... I'm glad it's the weekend." She turned her aching body to almost roll off the bed. After what occured the night before, she ended up just sleeping with Childe holding onto her like a teddy bear once again.

"Where's my wife...? Why's my wife gone!" Childe's hands frantically searched the place his girlfriend left.

"Talking in your sleep again." She paused to stare at his sleeping figure. His face rested to the side, messy orange hair and half of his body completely exposed. "Wake up!" She shook him.

"No no, come back to sleep with me."

"You say that everyday!"

+ obedience +

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