Chapter 55 ❈

"This will be a battle between Class A and B, it'll take place here in a corner of Field Gamma. Each class will make teams of four, and each team will compete one at a time." Vlad King spoke.

"How will that work? There are 24 of us in Class B and only 21 in Class A." A student from class B spoke.

"Simple. 3 from Class A or Shinso will just have to fight twice." Aizawa spoke. The two teachers kept explaining how the match would work as [Name] observed the opposite team.

1st Battle: Kirishima, Kaminari, Asui, Koda, + Shinso vs. Shiozaki, Shishida, Rin, and Tsuburaba

2nd Battle: Tokoyami, Hagakure, Yaoyorozu, and Aoyama vs. Komori, Kendo, Fukidashi, and Kuroiro

3rd Battle: Iida, Shoji, Todoroki, and Ojiro vs. Testutetsu, Tsunotori, Kaibara, and Honezuki

4th Battle: Bakugo, Jiro, Sato, and Sero vs. Kamakiri, Tokage, Awase, and Bondo

5th Battle: Midoriya, Uraraka, Ashido, and Mineta vs. Monoma, Kodai, Shoda, Yanagi, + Shinso

6th Battle: Tsuyuri, Bakugo, Uraraka, and Shinso vs. Kamado Sumiko, Agatsuma, Hashibira, and Kamado Nezuo

[Name] heard Zenko screech slightly after she heard she would be up against Bakugo, and Shinso sighed after realising he'd had to do a fight one after another.

Sumiko poked [Name] as he turned to her. "Let's watch the match together," she smiled.

"You should be making a plan, and having me your opponent there won't work," [Name] spoke as Sumiko laughed as she still dragged him over. [Name] noticed they were seated in an area unreachable by sunlight, as Nezuo seemed happy to see [Name] as the two sat down.

[Name] watched the first match intently as Nezuo rested his head on [Name]'s shoulder and took a nap. However, soon [Name] felt his own eyes droop before he rested his head on top of Nezuo's and decided to take a nap before his match.




"[Name], wake up, it's the second to last match," Sumiko shook [Name], who opened his eyes and yawned before looking back at the screen just before black whips protruded out of Midoriya's hands, destroying everything in their path. [Name] watched in shock as Midoriya struggled to control the quirk.

Standing up, ready to rush in and intervene, he was stopped by Aizawa. [Name] faced the screens once more as Nezuo held his hand and watched the screen in worry. [Name] instantly relaxed as soon as Shinso brainwashed Midoriya and the quirk retracted.

However, the battle continued, and [Name] led Nezuo back to Sumiko and sat down as he watched the fight. It was a very dramatic and intense battle, but in the end, Class A won, and [Name] smiled at his class' success.

Now. It was the final match.

"Good luck, [Name]." Sumiko smiled as he held Nezuo's hand and led him to where they needed to be.

"Why do I have to fight again?" Shinso questioned as [Name], Uraraka, Bakugo, and him as they waited for the beginning of the match.

"Nezuo will be sent to you, Shinso." [Name] spoke. "He can't speak, so you won't be able to brainwash him. Zenko to Uraraka, as she'll be too quick for Uraraka to touch her or use martial arts. Inoko to me as we've fought before and she knows my special moves, plus she'll be able to locate all of us and has a resistance to some poison, so that leaves Sumiko to you, Bakugo. Don't kill her?"

"How do you know this for sure, [Name]?" Uraraka asked.

"I pretended to be asleep throughout the matches and listened in to their plan." [Name] answered. "If you're wondering if Nezuo's quirk is demon, the way to defeat him is to go near sunlight, and he'll get docile. Zenko has to be asleep to fight, as she's a coward. Just wake her up and restrain her, Sumiko's too kind, use it to your advantage. "Now let's all spread out, or Inoko will sense all of us at once!"

The group split up as Bakugo yelled about how he was going to kill Sumiko, or as he called her, 'the scar-headed orphan'.

Soon [Name] saw the wisps of Inoko's hair zip by as he drew his sword. Just as she was about to slash him, their swords clashed as sparks emitted from them. "I will defeat you, Tsuyuligo!" [Name] blinked at Inoko's words and how he was saying the wrong name.

The two clashed for a while before [Name] quickly caught Shinso, who was launched towards him at insane speeds. Nezuo stepped out as he held his long nails out in front of him.

"Shinso. Take Inoko. I'll deal with Nezuo!" [Name] ordered before charging at Nezuo, who seemed a bit nervous about fighting [Name] but quickly got into a fighting stance.

However, [Name] didn't attack Nezuo at all and instead ran away from him as Nezuo's eyes turned to dots before he began to give chase.

[Name] ran as he heard explosions nearby and quickly ran in a different direction. If Nezuo saw Bakugo hurting his sister, he would go on a rampage. Soon [Name] ran into a sunny area and turned around, but Nezuo wasn't there, and [Name]'s eyes widened as he immediately headed towards the explosions.

Nezuo was going crazy. He looked like an adult, and his clothes didn't fit him anymore, so a lot of his legs and chest were exposed Bakugo was holding his own, but Nezuo's fury was murderous, and he would go berserk and attack anyone if not stopped. Sumiko was pinned under a large, heavy pipe that had fallen down and was screaming at Nezuo to stop and go to sleep.

[Name] tackled Nezuo and restrained him as he continued to kick, growl, and scratch. Bakugo seemed to realise the seriousness of the situation as Sumiko was finally able to push the pipe off and rush to calm her brother.

Nezuo was not listening.

He continued his rampage as flames shot out from where he was bleeding, but it didn't hurt [Name] or the others but Nezuo was able to get a bite of [Name]'s arm, and the male's eyes widened as he attempted to pull him off.

"Sumiko! Get Nezuo off! My blood contains wisteria poison!" [Name] screamed as Sumiko's eyes went as wide as saucers.