Chapter Fourteen- Labyrinth

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. . . . . . .

"Sachi." Impatience riddled through his tone, I could practically feel the annoyed glare burning into me. I removed my arm from my eyes, squinting up at him, then laid my forearm back over my face again.

"Ballbag." I replied; I wasn't going to use his name. I was finally (almost) fully recovered, well enough to have been able to get rid of all my bandages, and it was lovely weather, so I had decided to sunbathe. I was the only one awake at the time, so had strayed a short ways from the group and laid down in the sun.

I'd gotten a good half hour or so before Sasuke had stirred, noticed I was no longer under the tree I'd chosen as my sleeping spot, then noticed me in the clearing. By this point everyone but Suigetsu had woken up and readied to leave. Shoving the shark teethed dude awake as he passed, the stupid Uchiha had decided to then stand over me in an attempt to make me get up.

"Sachi, we're leaving."

"Okay, have fun." I could hear the heaved sigh, and stifled a snort. It was insanely fun to wind him up.

"Don't be annoying, Sachi." His feet scuffed beside me as he shifted his weight. "I'm getting tired of this."

"Well, you know a quick way to put an end to it..." I said, in a fake cheery tone, jangling the chakra chain in the air.

Silence. I smirked sourly.

"Fine. Have it your way." Just when I thought he really was going to leave me alone, I felt hands grab my waist. I'd forgotten that, since I was recovered, that meant he probably was too.

Deadpan, I put my arms and legs straight out and tensed all of my muscles, trying to make it as hard as possible for him to pick me up. Unfortunately, he was strong enough to cope with that.

So, we must have looked quite strange, me stretched out Ironing board straight, tucked under his arm like a plank of lumber.

"Seeing as that failed, are you going to walk?" He asked, walking easily, as though my weight bore no effect on him. I just stared blankly into space.

"You can't tell me what to do." He rose his eyebrows, then smirked at me,

"So you like being carried by me, then?" My eyes narrowed- what was he implying? "I can carry you in my arms, if you want."

Pink tinging my cheeks, I punched at him, infuriated. "Fine, I'll walk! God I want to punch your face!" He put me down, and I stormed ahead, muttering to myself. "Stupid cocky Uchiha!" I shouted back at him, aggravated, "in your dreams I'd be into you like that!"

"She's... really childish..." I heard Suigetsu mumble in surprise, and whipped round, glaring at him.

"I could still kick your ass!" I yelled, and he grinned.

"That a challenge?" He asked, hand going to the handle of his sword as he squared up. "I'm in need of a good fight!"

I laughed, mocking, folding my arms. "Try it!"

He drew the sword from it's sheathe, only to find that, by the time he held it in front of him, it had been reduced to a lumpy ball of metal with a handle. He gawped, then glared at me, eyes watering. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

I rose my hands in a shrug. "You wanted a fight. I used my abilities, that's all."

He waved the once sharp blade around, "But... that's not fair!!" He cried, "Turn it back!"

"Nah." I skipped away to catch up with the others, who hadn't stopped to wait for us. No doubt that damn Sasuke had anticipated this outcome.

"Sachi!" It had been a number of hours, and I was thoroughly enjoying Suigetsu's despair. I cupped my hand to my ear, striking a pose.

"Say it again!" I chanted, and he glared.

"Sachi! Change it back!" I squealed and ran away, laughing, as he chased me with his lump of metal.

"But I don't wanna!" I exclaimed, my sides hurting with my hysterics.

"Sachiko, Suigetsu!" We both skidded to a halt. I squinted at Sasuke, semi disgust on my face. "We're here. Can you two stop acting like children?" The Uchiha noticed my expression, and frowned. "What?"

"You called me Sachiko. Weird..." I muttered, lip curling. He just rolled his eyes.

"This is where we were heading." He said, pointing at a small glinting door positioned between the gnarled roots of a huge tree. But, as we got closer, I could see that it wasn't just the door- the entire perimeter was made of metal, along with the tree itself- or at least, encased.

"This," Sasuke said, pausing beside me- I'd walked forward so that my feet cane to rest on the metal. "Is why I needed you, Sachi." I folded my arms, "It's an old library of the Uchiha. There are hundreds of entrances, but only one way in... the rest will kill you."

"How did they even get this thing in the ground...?" I muttered to myself, bewildered- I could feel the expanse of the underground cavity- it was encased in metal, with metal walls and metal ceilings. It had to be at least 100 miles in diameter, and 10 miles deep.

"Naturally, the Uchiha clan borrowed the power of the Asuka." He glanced sideways at me, eyes fixing on mine. "They were in quite a close knit community years ago. It was one of the only ties that Konoha had to Kirigakure."

I realised after a few moments that I had not yet broken eye contact, and looked away. What was he trying to say? That it wasn't mere coincidence that we'd met as we did? Since our clans had been intertwined in the past?

I exhaled heavily through my nose, glaring at the ground. No. That was just me reading too far into it.

"Sachi, I want you to-"

"Blah blah, I knowww." I rolled my eyes at him, "You like the sound of your own voice too much, stupid Shady Uchiha-"

I stopped abruptly as his head whipped round to look at me in surprise, realising what I'd said.

I turned my head away, flushed, heart squeezing. "Whatever... I'll find the entrance. Shut up and let me concentrate."

Kicking my shoes off, I focused on the energy radiating through the metal caverns below me. It was such a large area that doing it like this would be much faster than using my hands, since I could only sense within a certain radius.

There were that many tunnels that ended in traps, tripwires, or a sheer drop onto spikes, that I began to wonder exactly what kind of books were in this library.

Eventually, I found the tunnel that had no traps, only stairs, so signalled to my companions. "It's this one."

"Can you open it?" Sasuke asked, and I frowned.

"So you brought me here, not even knowing if I'd be able to get you through the damn door or not? Are you fucking kidding me?" He just scowled at me, and I rolled my eyes. "Of course I can fuckin' open it. Dipshit..." I paused then took a moment to lean round him, and speak to the others. "Oh, and nice contribution to this scene, guys. The readers are going to think you aren't actually here."

I felt a sharp slap to my head. "Don't break the fourth wall, baka!" I glared at Sasuke, then parted the metal beneath his feet. He landed on his ass on the steps below.

"Ha." I swung through the entrance over him. "C'mon, I'll lead the way so no one dies."

It gradually got darker and darker the longer we walked, and Sasuke lit the torches that now marked the walls. I stuck my hands in my pockets, whistling as we walked, satisfied that Karin had finally contributed by carrying my shoes for me.

"Why does she have to walk ahead anyway? Isn't this supposed to be the safe entrance..?" The redhead muttered- apparently not as happy about the arrangement as I was. Credit to her though, she hadn't left my shoes behind. I would have.

"Baaaka. This place is still a labyrinth. Do you wanna end up lost in here?" I said, not turning around to look at her. Carefully feeling for abnormalities in the walls or floors of every turn, I chose our path carefully, until we reached a large, cavernous room.

Books and scrolls lined the walls, and I had to say... I felt bored just looking at them.

"There's stuff here about your clan too, Sachi," I flinched out of my sleepy stupor as a scroll was laid down on the table by my head. I was currently stretched across it, boredom sending me to sleep. I hated libraries. I snorted at Sasuke in derision, looking away, "Aren't you the least bit interested?"

"In the past of people I've never met? Not really." He sat down in a chair, and I sighed and pulled myself upright. It was uncomfortable to have him sat so close to my head. "Of all the cool secret Uchiha places we could have gone to... it had to be a library."

I felt a wad of paper land in my lap. "You might at least find this of interest."

I unrolled the wedge, glancing over it. Blinking, I squinted closely. A picture of my Mother adorned the paper, next to some people I didn't recognise.

Standing up, I walked around the table to sit down opposite Sasuke- so that I could use his candle light. Spreading the paper out against the table, I could see in the light the stains of age and tears that time had brought. Obviously it couldn't be that old- my Mother was only in her early twenties when she had me- but this picture of her wasn't as I knew her. Her face was unsmiling, aging her, though in itself she looked younger. She couldn't have been much more than sixteen in the picture.

More people covered the paper, lines and lines, some redheaded like my Mother, some brunettes. Classic hair colours of the Asuka. It looked like a family tree... not that I would recognise anyone on it. I'd never met any of my extended family.

Above my Mother's picture were two more, who I assumed to be my Grandparents. The woman was youthful in the picture, though who knew if that was how she looked when she had my Mother. She was a brunette, but her husband- my Mother's Father- was a redhead.

What was odd was that, next to Mom's picture, was a man's photograph. The dotted line that joined them suggested a marital joining, but it had been crossed out. I'd certainly never met him. And the family tree ended there.

Was this man supposed to marry my Mother? Was that why we didn't have anything to do with our clan? Did she run away? Or was she chased out? I had so many questions...

I brushed my fingers lightly over her picture. This wasn't how I remembered her. She was always so happy...

I flipped to the next page. It was another family tree, but with a lot fewer members, and some had the black hair and dark eyes characteristic of the Uchiha. Sasuke had said that our clans were closely intertwined, I suppose it wouldn't be unusual for there to be marriages...

Suddenly, my heart leapt into my throat, nostrils flaring. That... that was my name.

I flipped back to the first page. Scanning over it, I read the title; "Asuka Main Family". Then, I skipped ahead a few pages, hands falling on one of the few, newer pages in the wedge of papers. A contract. I skim-read it, heart pounding.

My name. And next to it, those of both of my parents, their signatures included.

Below that, two other names, ones I didn't recognise, but from the Uchiha clan. Also signed.

There was a photograph underneath the contract of me (I appeared around one year old, if not less) and an Uchiha boy.

It was a betrothal agreement, and I'd be damned if I didn't recognise the stupid Duck-ass haircut of the boy in the photograph.

- - -


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