chapter 5

(Kiara pov)

After jj storm off I left to class and then I saw him there he was really upset looking at the window.

I sat next to him and he notice.
"Kie I'm sorry I got mad at you it's just that pope Is pissing me off"

"Hey babe it's okay I promise" I give him a short kiss.

After class me and jj left to My locker to grab a history book that I needed.

Everyone love jj now he became really popular whice is nice but sometimes it can be annoying because he well ignore us and always be with his new friends.

"Sup jay" a girl said to us while we waik in the hall
"Oh hey Clare" he said
Oh so he remember her name great. "Wanna hang out today just like we did yesterday" she smirk

I'm sorry what he's he cheating on me no this is not jj.
"We didn't hang out yesterday I was with my friend" jj said whice make me clam because he did hang out with us.

"Fine whatever jj" the girl waik away.
"Kie I promised I didn't hang out with her" "babe it's okay I know you didn't you were with us all day".

He smile and kiss me.
I grab the book out my locker and saw jj was taiking with his friend.

I left to sarah who was now sitting alone.
"Hey you okay" I said
She didn't say anything so I look closely to her and she had a dirt all over her shirt.

"Who the fuck did that to you" I said angry
"No one it's okay" sarah said
"No sarah it's not okay they treat you like shit" I said
"Now who did that to you" I added.

"Topper" she whisper but in a way that I can hear.
I sigh and start waiking away looking for topper.

When I saw him I waik up to him and he notice
"Hey kiara still with your bo-"
He said but I was close enough.

I slap his face and all his friend were shock.
"What the fuck is wrong with you" He said

"If you ever touch her I well kill you topper you heard me" I said
He didn't say anything he was just looking down.

He look back at me and said
"Yes alright" he said in a tune voice.

"Great" I smirk I waik away and saw all the poeple in the hallway looking at me some taiking and some just staring.

I left to sarah who was in the bathroom cleaning herself and I said
"I handle him trust me he won't ever touch you again" I said
"Kie are you kidding me I told you to not mess with him" she said

"Sarah he hurt you" I said
"No he didn't kie. Just leave me alone alright" she said waiking away.

I felt bad maybe I should have just stay out of it but she's still my friend and I can't see her hurt.
I got out the bathroom and left to my locker.

I grab my math book and notebook and close the locker the find jj appearing from behind.

"Hey" I said
"I heard what you did to topper and babe I'm proud" he said smirking.
"Yeah I guess" I said a little sad.

"Are you okay" jj said
"Sarah is mad at me for messing with him she told me not to mess with him and I still did"

I said. "Look kie you were just being a good friend that all and I think sarah is just worried is gonna hurt you and she's right kie don't mess with him when your not with me he can.... you know do something to you and I can't see you hurt kie" he said

I was shock about his little speech but he was right.
I put a little smile and kissed his lips shortly.

"Your right I'm sorry" I said
"Don't be sorry kie it's alright" he said kissing me.

"Okay now let's go" I said.

We left to class with his left shoulder around my head.

After school we left to the Chateau and I wanted to apologize to sarah tho.

We grab some beer and lay on the hammocks.
After a long time I finally had the time to taik to sarah.

I looked at her and she noticed she I give her a look to follow me.

I excuse myself to the bathroom and waited for her to come.
So she did

"Hey" I said
"Hi" she said silencely

"Sarah you were right I shouldn't have slap topper I was just mad b-"
I said but getting cut off.

"Kie its fine really I'm just scared he will do something to you because you know is dangerous"

I noded and hug her tightly.

"Bestfriend" I said pulling away.
"Sisters" she said smiling
I smile back and hug her again.

After a few hours Me and jj left to My house.

Yes my parents don't know about him because I know they well start with his a Pogue and bullshit like that.

So he climb to my window while I was entering the door.
"Kiara where have you been"
I can't say at John b so I said

"With sarah" my mom smile and said "great at least your not hanging with those pogues"
She said

I wanted to say something back but I forget jj is wating.
"Yeah whatever" I said leaving

I enter the door and saw jj looking at some pictures on my wall.
"Remember we toke this one at the beach and John b wouldn't stop complaining about the waves" jj said

I laugh to myself and sit on my bed .
"So did you and sarah made up" jj said.
"Yeah" I said

He sit next to me and kiss my head I smile and then he kissed my lips

We make out for a long time but then just fall asleep with me in his arm.

I woke up first and got dress to school when it was time I woke up jj.
"Wake up buddy" I said
I open his eyes slowly but then fell asleep again.
"Jay wake up" I said shaking him.

"No I wanna sleep" he moan in tiredness "no we are going to be late because of you" I said still trying to wake him up.

"Fine I'm up" he said
He got up and got dress to school when he was finish I drive to school.

It's really silence in the car for some reason jj was staring at the window and I was focused on the road.

"Oh I can't come to John b today" jj said staring at me.

Of course is hanging out with his new friend.
"Yeah it's alright I'll tell him that" I said "look I'm sorry I don't really have time for you it's just-" he said but I cut him off.

"Jj its fine I'm glad your making friends" I said smiling
He smile back and we arrive to school and I saw Sarah is waiting for me.

"Well I'll see you later" I said to jj
"Bye" he said kissing me goodbye.
I waik to sarah And she was smiling really really hard.

"What made you smile like that girl" I said smiling
"A boy" she said
I was shock but like a sarcastic shock
"Girl I need to see him first" I said sarcastic. "You well trust me" she said.

We waik to my locker to get some book and on my way I saw topper smirking at me.
"Dick" I whisper

But he already waik to us
"Hey kie" topper said
"What do you want topper" I said emotionless "oh come on kie don't be like that" he said. I glare at him but then look at sarah who had a sad face. Literally this guy can make every day destroy.

"Look kie im not here to chat I'm here to teach you a lesson" he said
"Sorry but I already have one and I'm kinda late so move" I Said waiking away from him and holding sarah hands.

"Kiara..." sarah said
"Sarah I know I know okay but I can't see him hurting you" I said

She nodded but then I hug her
"Now tell me about the boy" I said

She smile again and said
"Well I think I like him and guess his name" she said
"Hmm I don't know give me a hint" I said

"Well is a very close person to as and he is pretty not so smart but he have a really cute face and we always hang out at his place" she said

I start getting who it is and I was shock I didn't know they are something but if in thinking about it they kinda match

"Bitch what" I said shock
She laugh and I hit her playfully
"John b like the actual John d" I said She laugh even harder but then stop

"Don't call him that" she said
"Okay I'm sorry but girl you actually gonna be so cute I'm planning the wedding already" I said excitedly.

"Okay enough about me how is you and jj" sarah said
"Oh well its alright he's perfect and dreamy and-" I said but sarah cut me off "wow girl you really got yourself a man" sarah said
"Girl I know" I said laughing

We enter to class and when it was done we left to the cafeteria our original place where we taik and eat.

"Kie you have to tell him to come here I have some great news" John b said.
"Fine" I said

I waik to jj and his friends taiking and laughing I tap is shoulder and he turn to look at me.
"Hey" he said awkwardly
"Hi well John b want to tell us something and-" I said but got cut off by one of his friends

"Dude your still hanging with him didn't you say is a dick"

What the fuck why would he say that "dude shut up" jj said hitting him

"Kie its not like that" jj said
"No it's fine go have fun with your friend and taik shit about your other friend" I said waiking away

"Kie" he said trying to waik to Me but one of his friends pulled him away and  they start taiking.

I waik to John b and said
"Is not coming" John b groan and said "of course is hanging out with his other friend isn't he"

"I'm sorry" I said a little sad I felt so bad for John b his bestfriend not only left him but taik shit about him that not fair.

"It's okay I guess he never know then" John b said
I sit down next to sarah and John b start taiking.

"Well you guys know my dad is working a lot lately and he's been really busy so he's moving to another town to a new job and he told me I can come but if I want to stay here it's okay to" John b said
We all were shock but then I said

"But I don't think he can pay for two houses" I said

"Kie the Chateau is from my grandparents so it's free for us" he said
"Oh alright but your staying here right" I said. "Yeah well I don't want him gone but I guess I'm" he said

As we all cheer that we can spend even more time at John b I look at jj who look a little upset.

I sigh and look away.