Stand together

Ruby's POV.

My body jumped awake and my eyes scanned the room that I was in.

My hands were above my head with ropes holding me up. Looking down at my body I saw that my dress was all ripped up and dirty now.

"Weston!" I freaked remembering where I was and what I was doing.

"Don't worry baby doll. He's safe now. I had one of my men take him safely home to mommy and daddy."

That voice. I knew it was him but I couldn't see him. Footsteps walked all around and it scared me more knowing that someone was in the dark with me.

"How do I know your not lying." I hissed trying to pull on the rope but there was no use.

"Would I lie to you." He sounded hurt but I knew it was just a game to him.

"What do you want." The walking stopped for a few minutes and I was trying to search for him in the dark.

My head was grabbed and brought back into a shoulder and my eyes went right to his. The could eyes I remember from that day.

"You don't waist no time do you babygirl." I wanted to throw up from the nickname he gave me.

I tried to get away from him but he wrapped his arm around me keeping me right where he wanted me.

"I want a few things. Starting off I want your father to give me all the Power and money that he has with all the supplies he has as well. Then I want you to submit to me and only me." I saw him smile as he looked down at my body and back to my face. That brought fear to me but I wouldn't let him see.

"And I want you little husband dead and all his family for what they did to me." He bit out letting me go finally.

"You won't get away with this." I said softly saying a prayer that it was true.

"Oh baby." He grabbed my face holing it tight in his grip.

"I already have. You see I have your husband going crazy right now with what he's seeing."

"What." The next thing I knew he pulled my dress completely down ripping it down the front. I panicked and kicked him away from me trying to pull myself away.

Looking up I saw that there was a light across the room facing me. It blinked a few times and it made me realize that he was recording this the whole time.

"COLTON HELP ME!" I screamed out to it as the man got up pulling me closer to him again.

"That's right Colton come for your little princess. You and all your men will be killed on sight if you come for her." He laughed squeezing my neck a little.

He cut the rope above my head letting me fall to the floor in a crying mess before he grabbed my arm and pulled me with him.

"LET ME GO!" I cried falling on my butt so that it was harder for him to hold on to me. He didn't seem to mind when he just simply threw me over his shoulder and carried me through the house.


"He's not coming!"

I brought my hands up to hit his back but before o could do anything I was thrown across the room landing on a soft bed.

"I'll be back later for you." He chuckled before slamming the door and leaving me here

The tears just came and the screams came out of me like till my voice couldn't take it.

I fell to the floor after banging on the door for what felt like hours and felt my head getting light.

But as fast as I was on the floor was as fast as I was up rushing to the bathroom.

I started to throw up into the toilet and held my hair back as I did. As soon as I flushed I realized the scary truth.

I haven't had my period yet and I was supposed to get it a few days ago.

Coltons POV.

I threw my phone across the room watching that horrible video of Paul hurting Ruby. Hearing her call out for me crying and screaming killed me more then anything else.

"COLTON!" Axle screamed as I threw a bottle at the wall


My father called rushing in to stop what was happening.

"HE TOUCHED HER!" I screamed as my father turned me to look at him.

"he's hurting her and I'm not there to protect her." My voice cracked as I fell to my knees.

"I know son and we are doing everything we can to get her back I promise you." I know he was trying to help but nothing could now.

"Come with me let's get you cleaned up." My mother said coming in wrapping her arms around me and helping me to my feet.

I had blood on my hands and cuts all over y face from glass and from Axle trying to knock some sense into me.

My mom helped me get to my room and even snuck up a new bottle for me.

"Ruby's family will be here in an hour. Please clean up and get your head back to where it needs to be. I know this hurts right now Colton but you need to think about Ruby right now. You can't let that girl get hurt because you want to throw a fit. Time to grow up and take this all back." My mom said holding my fave in her hands

"You are the mafia king and he found your weaknesses but you can take his and break it right in his face." She pulled me into a hug and I wrapped my arms around her thanking her before she broke.

When she was gone I looked down at the bottle she brought up but left it where she put it. I grabbed a towel and went to the shower turning it on before stripping out of my clothes.

Once the water was just right I stepped in and cleaned all the blood off my hands and washed off. I leaned my head against the glass as a sob broke out of my lips. I just wanted my baby right here with me where she should be.

I knew what I had to do and it had to be done now before it could never be fixed.

Jumping out I got a new suit on and fixed my hair before going back down to my office. Ruby's parents, brothers, and  even her friends where here now. Though I wasn't to happy to see Eric I could look past it right now.

"I have a plan that will get End this all but I need us all to work together. That means we need all the guns and men that you all have working as one to shut this all down. I know what Paul wants and I'll see that he gets it."

Everyone looked at each other thinking to themselves if this was the right idea.

Henry was the first up walking up to me. "I know you won't let anything happen to my daughter."

"I won't." Weston ran up to me and I picked him up.

"She's scared Colton. She came to protect me and I couldn't do the same."

"You know your sister would do anything for you Weston. You did nothing wrong."

Keagan came up putting his hand out to me and I shook it. My father and brother came up to me knowing what it was we would do.

"I want in." Eric said making us all look to him.

"I know you don't like me but hell." He stepped closer to us now. "We both want the same thing. For Ruby to come home safe and I want that more then you can imagine. But I swear Colton if she gets hurt the blood is on your hands." He hissed now standing only a few feet away from me.

Yes I had a lot of anger for this man and frankly I would love to blow his brains out, but I had to remind myself Ruby would kill my ass if I ever tried. And he made a good point. We both had one thing in common and it was that we wanted Ruby safe.

I put my hand out to him trying to be the bigger man knowing that if Ruby was her she would smile.

"Then let's do that." He took my hand looking me in the eyes like his father and mine showed us how to when we were kids. And no I didn't like the guy but I had some respect in him for that he had the balls to come here when he kissed my wife and lived

"So what's the plan." Axle asked making me remember what this was really all about.

"How fast can we start a war?"