Keep walking

The next couple weeks we spent getting the wedding ready and me resting. Things were in full swing for this. Mom and Mrs. Salvatore were working together to prepare it.

Me and Ashley were looking into getting dresses and called some of our close friends to be my bridesmaid. Of course Ash is my maid of honor.

Tonight was the night of the wedding rehearsal. We had to go through the whole mass together and got some photos so that people knew it was real.

Colton and I ran down the aisle together with smiles on our faces as the cameras went off.

As soon as we got out of sight from people I pulled my hand away from Coltons and walked to my room that I'll be in tomorrow.

I need to take some time on my own right now. Everything was happening so fast and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

"You coming! We're going out now!" Ash came in keeping the door open as she rushed in.

"I-I don't know."

"Your going to turn down fun?" I turned to see Red standing there in a nice dress. Something I wasn't used to her being in.

"Let me guess... you and Axle have to come with us?"

She didn't answer but I knew my answer.

"Everyone is going out to eat together so we will all be very safe."

"Oh fun." I mocked Ash as I fixed up my lipstick.

"Red can you help?" She said turning to red and before I even knew what was happening they both grabbed my arms and pulled me out.

Everyone crammed into a limo together and off to a restaurant we went where we got our own room.

I tried to spend the last of my freedom with my family as I could. Colton seemed to understand that because he didn't bother me once.

When the night came to an end my family and the Salvatores all made our way back to Coltons house were we all would be spending the night before the wedding.

"Alright you two different rooms now." My mom laughed as she pulled me and Colton up the stairs. I knew she was tipsy as hell right now but I couldn't help myself from laughing.

"Yes the bride can't see the groom."

"I'm seeing her right now." Colton pointed out making me chuckle a little.

"Your right!" Mrs. Salvatore came up behind her son putting her hands over his eyes.

"Keep walking." She laughed.

This family might be a family of killers but hell there funny when they are drunk. Think I like them all better this way.

"Come on." My mother pulled me to my room and only then did I realize me and Colton were holding hands. We separated when our mothers pulled us our different ways.

"You excited for your big day!" My mom said giggling as she walked me into my room. My dress was hanging up in a bag on my mirror. I don't think it really hit me till now what exactly was happening to me tomorrow.

"As I'll ever be." I smiled a sad smile and pulled away from her to go change.

When I came back she was sitting on my bed with Kegan and Weston who was curled up close to her.

I laughed and ran jumping on top of Kegan who pretend to be hurt when I did.

"Now why are all you in my room?"

"We want to say goodnight!" Weston said hoping out of my mother's arms Into mine.

"I see." I smiled holding him close.

"Goodnight my big boy." I ruffled his hair a little and gave him back to my mother before Kegan tackled me.

"Goodnight dash!"

"Your cutting off my air!" I screamed as he kept his arms wrapped around my neck.

"I'm just going to miss you so much!"

"Your drunk! Now get off me!" I laughed pushing him away.

Keagan took Weston with him as my mother pulled me in for another hug.

"Time for you to get some rest now sweetheart. The girls will all be here tomorrow at 9 and then we will start on hair and makeup."

"Ok." I smiled not wanting her to worry. As she closed the door I plopped my body back on my bed looking up at my ceiling.

"Why." Was all I could say before my eyes closed letting sleep consume me.