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Sixty years later

My eyes opened lazily, upon feeling the sun on my face. I yawned, shifting from my position. My back was against the bare torso of my love's. Upon feeling the movement, his own brown eyes, turned amber with green from the light, opened as well. I rolled so my chin was resting against his chest. My arm draped over his abs, and I smiled. His arm was resting against my lower back naturally.

His hair was mussed from sleep, sticking out in all directions. His own smile was lazy, still muddled with sleep. I leaned up, pressing my lips to his in a sweet kiss. His lips moved against mine in harmony for a few moments. "We should get up. We have to get ready to leave in a few hours." I whispered. He laughed, and it still had sleep in it. It was my favorite part of waking up.

"Of course. I'll get a breakfast ready." His husky voice said. I nodded, and he pecked my forehead briefly before getting up. He slid on a tunic as he walked out, his trousers resting low on his hips. I smirked. "I know you're staring. Even after all this time." He called as he turned the corner, down the hall. I shook my head, rolling my eyes. Of course I was staring. I always would.

I'd always stare at him, and wonder how I found him. Always. I slid from the comfortable blankets, my husband's old travel tunic hanging down my legs. I went to the small vanity, picking up the brush on the top. I brushed out my hair, naturally avoiding the courting braid, which had been braided down so less hair was hanging below the clasp. Plaiting my hair to keep the bangs out the way, I went to the closet after clasping it together with the silver clip Dwalin gave me for my fiftieth birthday.

I didn't have to look long before choosing the green tunic exposing my shoulders, and dark brown leggings. I took off the tunic I used to sleep in, before gazing at my scars. I had many. The long jagged scar from Goblin Town was no longer raised, but still an obvious imprint on my skin. There were a few from the glass cabinet on my forearms and torso. The arrow wound in my calf was no more than a line, and another thin one on my thigh from the great Orc chase to Rivendell. There was a small white line on my cheek, but it never changed anything.

I slid on the clothes over my muscular body. It had returned to it's proper form, no longer overly skinny. I turned to see the scar from another arrow in a line just above the tunic. I exited the hall, looking into the clean study, seeing our weapons on the rack in the room. I smiled, as they were newly sharpened. I padded down the stairs on silent feet, coming behind Kili silently. My arms snaked around his waist, and he jumped slightly. He turned in my arms, his own finding my hips.

"You know how I love that tunic." He complimented, putting a lingering kiss on the corner of my mouth. "I set breakfast on the table. Do you want me to wake them?" I shook my head, stepping from his grip.

"I'll wake them." I said, climbing the stairs again. "You're staring. Even after all this time." I called. I paused, turning to see his brown eyes, green flecks still shining in them, staring at my figure. I shook my head teasingly, before finishing my trek up the stairs. I went down the hall a few feet, before going into one of the extra rooms. Two beds were in the large room, and two sleeping figures.

I walked toward the window, exposing the sunlight. None of them moved. I approached the bed closest to the window. There was a tuft of black hair poking from the blanket, and nothing more. I smiled, and shook the figure burrowed under the covers. He groaned, pulling the blanket over his head more. I chuckled softly, peeling the blanket from his fingers. "Mum..." He groaned.

"Now listen here Iaen. You need to get up, so you can have a good breakfast, and so we can get moving." His eyes shot open, revealing grey eyes the exact shade of mine. Iaen darted from the bed, dashing from the room. I laughed, shaking my head at my twenty five year old son. I moved to the other bed, where a white blonde head with pale skin was sleeping peacefully.

I kissed Kiara's forehead gently, moving the hair from her face. "It's time to get up." I said softly to my daughter. Her eyes slid open slowly, revealing shockingly deep brown eyes, contrasting her entire being. She smiled, reaching her arms out. I picked her up, with little effort. "You're getting to big for this." I joked, and she put her head on my shoulder.

"Kiara, how late were you up reading?" I asked curiously, setting her down outside of her room. She gripped my tunic gently, rubbing her eyes.

"I don't know." She admitted. I laughed again, as we went down the stairs.

"It's alright. Just try not to fall off your pony while we ride today." I said, ruffling her messy hair. Iaen and Kili were at the table already, sitting politely. All the plates had been filled with dried meat, berries and bread. "You didn't have to wait." I said as Kiara sat in her chair next to Iaen.

"I wanted to." He gripped my hand gently, kissing the palm of it. I rolled my eyes, and we ate in silence for a moment. "Are you two excited to travel today?" Kili asked around a berry. While he wasn't looking, I took one of his strawberries, eating it. His eyes slid to mine, and I faked an innocent look, stopping my chewing.

"What is it, dear?" I said in an overly sweet tone.

"I saw that." Was all he said as Kiara answered her father's question.

"I'm so excited! Is Uncle Thorin coming?!" She asked excitedly. She reached for the berries, and I spooned more onto her plate, which she ate quickly.

"Careful, you'll get a stomach ache." I cautioned. "But yes. In fact, everyone's coming. I told you this. Don't you remember silly?" I teased.

"I forgot, mum. I was reading a good book and it slipped my mind." At twenty, she read as much as I did.

"You're just like your mother. She'd always read outside the forest when we were younger." He reminisced, taking my hand. His rings were still on his fingers, and it made me smile a little. "Now, go and get packed once you two are finished eating." The two immediately exited the table, and scrambled up the stairs. "She's just like you."

"So is Iaen. You two are to similar." I laughed. "We should get packing as well. Did you pack the food?"

"While you were waking the kids." He answered. We stood as well, and I leaned over, pecking his cheek.

"Good." I raced up the stairs, my husband tearing after me. I opened the door to our room, before I was tackled in a bear hug. I laughed, trying to escape. "This isn't fair." I mumbled. His snicker was low in my ear. We still were just like the children from the Blue Mountains sometimes.

"So what?" He demanded, letting me go. He grabbed our travel packs, and set them on our bed. "Pack for a week, right?" He asked, while pulling out tunics and trousers. I answered in a small noise, picking out my own travel clothes. I chose similar clothes to that from our travels to this mountain. I fished for the bedrolls, and tossed Kili's onto the bed. Rolling my clothes as to reduce the space, I crammed my clothing into my bag. My brush was placed in last, and I saw Kili's bag was slung over his shoulder.

We walked from the room, and into the study. Our weapons were neatly stacked, his on one side, mine on the other. I hid my many daggers, and slung my dual blades across my back, as well as my bow and arrows, still containing Tauriel and Bard's arrows. After we were porcupines of weapons, we set the bags outside the kids' room, and we walked in. They had just finished packing, closing their bags. Kili went to Kiara, and I went to check Iaen's bag. They had packed everything they needed.

"Shall we go?" Kili said, picking up Kiara. They nodded, and Kiara jumped from her father's arms, racing down to the living room. Picking up our packs, we meandered down the stairs. They were getting their boots on by the time we had gotten down. We put our worn travelling boots on as well. As we laced ours slowly, Kili reminded the kids. "Don't forget your cloaks. It's not an option to go without them this time."

"We know!" Our son said. They were holding the garments in their hands, waiting for us to finish. "Let's go! You're so slow! Everyone will be waiting for us!" He continued. We reached for our cloaks slowly.

"Patience, young one. We'll still get to the same place." I said softly. "Okay, let us go." I said. The kids yanked open the door, running down the hall as we locked the door. Fili's opened at the same time. I smiled, reaching over to hug my brother. "Kids! Come see Uncle Fili!" The screeched to a halt, before barreling toward the dwarf. They jumped onto him, clinging to his furry jackets.

"Careful, there's a lot of weapons in here." He reminded them as we started down the halls.

"Iaen, Kiara, get off your uncle. He needs to walk." Kili laughed. "Despite how amusing it is." Fili still hadn't found his One, and that was alright. He still had time. But he had been eyeing a dwarrow for a while now. We walked through the familiar halls, waving at the dwarves we passed. They waved as well, nodding their heads low in respect. We finally reached the front gates, where the rest of the company had been waiting.

They all looked the same. Except Balin, who had more wrinkles. Upon seeing Dwalin, Kiara and Iaen ran toward him, clambering onto the beefy dwarf. "Grandpa!" They squealed.

"Now, now. I'm getting old." He said as his axes were strapped to his back.

"You look like you're getting older." I teased as I approached. He smiled, pulling me into a purposely crushing hug. "To tight." I squeaked. He set me down, roughly patting my back.

"I know." He teased. Thorin looked at me as the kids hugged him.

"Now that we are all here, we should get going, or we won't travel as much as we need." I rolled my eyes.

"Even after all these years, you're still an old grump." I mumbled. He raised an eyebrow as the brothers sniggered. We made our way out the gates to the stables. We greeted the stableboys, saddling the ponies. Nyx had died long ago, taken over by Nyx II. I placed Kiara on Daisy II, and Iaen clambered on. I tied the rope to Nyx's reins, so they wouldn't have to worry about riding to much. We finished loading the pack ponies.

"It's just like old times." Bofur smiled jovially, pulling out his flute. He started to play a small tune as we started down the path of the mountain. "Almost." He said before playing once again.

"Are you two ready?" I asked the dwarflings. They nodded in earnest.

"I'm so excited!" Kiara said in a small voice.

"It'll be interesting to see how Bilbo looks. He's been aging very slowly. 111! Amazing!" Nori proclaimed. I laughed, though I wondered if he still had that ring. We travelled for a few minutes, everyone chattering about visiting the Hobbit once again. He hadn't been back in a long while, having sent a letter explaining he was caring for a young Hobbit. I hummed with Bofur's flute in harmony.

I glanced sidelong to see Kili staring at me with a loving expression. It hadn't changed in all this time. "What did I do to deserve you?" Kili asked from beside me as a languid smile spread across my face. I reached over, taking his hand. I met his eyes, and they twinkled as they had when we first came to Bag End; lively, full of light, youth, mischief, and adoration.

"Guess things turned out right." I answered simply, squeezing his hands. I turned back to check on the kids. They saw us looking at them, and we all smiled. It was a perfect moment. Then they said something that made me smile even more. They chorused it at the same time, and my heart skipped a beat.

"Let the adventure begin, I suppose."