chapter fifteen

the next morning i woke up happier than ever. i practically jumped out of bed. i ran out without even thinking about breakfast. i was excited but kinda nervous. what was jj gonna say today? would he ignore we said the l word? did he even mean it?..

no. i'm not even gonna think about it. i'm just gonna carry on like normal, or so i thought. cause once i saw him at the dock, butterflies filled my stomach, and i couldn't help but smile. he turned around and smiled back for what seemed like forever.

"alright lovebirds lets move our," kiara said laughing, but she made sure to say it to where no one else would hear it.

we hopped on the boat and jj sat close to me. we cruised down the water for a few minutes and everyone started looking at each other.

"what?" i asked confused, but no one said anything. "guys what's going on?" i started laughing but soon stopped, no one was saying a word.

at the same time john b, pope, and kiara all hopped off the boat and swam to shore. i had no clue what was going on. jj walked over and grabbed my hands. he reach in his pocket and pulled out a ring(a promise ring, not engagement). he put one hand around my waist and cupped my cheek with the other.

"y/n, i know we've had our ups and downs, but i have always cared about you. hell, i've always been crazy about you. and i know now more than ever that i need you. i need you in my life forever, for as long as you'll stay. you make me feel things i didn't even know i could feel. i'm a better version of myself with you. and i promise i will always love and protect you," he leaned closer, "will you be my girlfriend?"

i smiled, "yes! yes, of course." i could hardly get the words out without crying.

but he felt the same. with tears in his eyes he said, "damn, now im cryin too."

we both laughed. he pushed his forehead against mine, "i'll never let you go."

i grabbed his shirt and pulled his lips to mine. the rest of the gang shouted from the edge of the bank

"woooo alright!'"

"about time!"

"what's took you so long?"

the other swam back to the boat and we had a great day, just like any other. except today i knew everything was okay. i knew where i was meant to be and where i'll always be.

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