"~Let 'em wonder how we got this far,~"



"Did you seriously call me here only to make me study with you." Aubrey groaned. We were both in my room, it was pretty late at night. But I wasn't tired at all. I kept on thinking about Louis. I kind of wish I wasn't so harsh on him. I mean, he deserves it right? I don't know.

"And look, you're not even studying!" Aubrey snapped her fingers in front of my face. Making me realize she was here, I sighed, "Aubrey! I have this serious test tomorrow and I want to pass it." I said with a determined look on my face, she gave me a suspicious look, "You're thinking of him... aren't you?" she asked.

Dang, she can really read my mind.

"Y/N you seriously need to get over him." she said, getting up from my bed and looking at herself in the mirror. I kept silent, reading over my school notes. "Wow.............no answer huh?" she asked sarcastically. I glanced at her then stared back at my notes.

She took a deep breath, "Fine. Let's get out of here." she said loudly, making me automatically look up at her, "What do you mean?" I asked. She formed small smile and snatched my notes from my hand, "Aubrey! What the hell are you doing!" I yelled.

"We are going somewhere tonight." she said happily. I gave her a weird look, "No we are not. Now give me my notes back." I said back. "Oh come on Y/N! Studying is boring. I'd actually rather die than study with you. No offense." she said.

I rolled my eyes, "It's late Aubrey." I mumbled. She shrugged, "So? We are both obviously not tired at all."

I narrowed my eyes at her. Still not convinced at all. "Please Y/N! We can do something fun. Like break into dance clubs, or even trash the school!" she pleaded. I widened my eyes, "We are doing neither of those Aubrey!" I said, playfully shoving her. She laughed, "It's just Ideas!" she joked. I shook my head and laughed.

"You are so boring Y/N." she exhaled. "I guess you will keep me here until you are done studying. Which will probably take the whole night. So that's kind of called being held hostage. Just saying." she said, leaning against my door. I glared at her. She always finds a way to make her plans work. Ever since we were kids she would always bribe me to give my doll to her, or hypnotize me into giving her my food at lunch.

I took a deep breath, "You know what. Fine."

Her face lightened up, "YES! I promise, you won't regret it." I walked into my closet, finding something to wear, "Well, maybe I will regret it." I mumbled. I paused, "Wait, where are we even going?" I asked. I hope we weren't going to one of those parties. I already agreed to go to William's party. I did not want to go to another one.

"Relax! I know where we can go." she said with a sly look on her face. I can't believe I actually agreed to this, "But-what about the test-"

she rolled her eyes, "We will just copy off of someone. Now let's go please!"

Before I could say anything else, she pulled me out of my door. We quietly walked down the stairs, hoping we wouldn't wake my mum and my brother.

Next thing I knew, we were both in her car. "I still can't trust you to drive. Remember last year's incident." I mumbled. Last year, I was in her car and she was literally drunk. But she kept on insisting that she would drive me home. We got pulled up by the police. She flirted with them so we wouldn't get arrested. Yeah, she's crazy. " Woah Y/N are you judging my amazing driving skills? Because I think you are." she said, turning on the car. I giggled, "I still can't believe I agreed to being you're friend." I said, while turning on the radio.

"Um excuse me, I am not just your friend. I am your BFF." she said, making me cringe, "Oh god, please don't say that ever again." I said, making her laugh. I connected my phone to the radio and I played "Ribs" by Lorde . I put the song on full volume. We were screaming the lyrics. She was driving on the highway, the windows were down and I peaked my head out. I could feel the wind brush against my face and my hair was flowing all over the place. I felt free. From everything. I saw the city lights of London. They looked amazing late at night. I felt a tear slowly fall down my eye.

"Y/N are you okay?" Aubrey asked, looking at me confused. "Huh? Oh uh yeah." I quickly wiped the tear off my face, there was a comfortable moment of silence between us. Aubrey pulled up at an empty parking lot. We both laid down on the hard concrete floor, looking up at the stars. "Aubrey, ever wonder what our future would be like?" I asked. She sighed, "I have no idea."

"I miss when we were kids and everything was easier." I mumbled, I could feel her nodding, agreeing with me, "And now, we are almost graduating. Leaving everything behind." she said back, taking a sip of alcohol that she brought with her. She passed it to me and I took a big gulp of it. "We had so much more fun when we were in middle school." I said, laughing. "Yeah." she said quietly. "I'm gonna miss you, when we go to college. Even though sometimes you annoy the hell out of me." I told her, making her smile. Her dad is making her go to Oxford university. I'm thinking of going to NYU.

"What college is Louis going to?" she asked. I took a deep breath, "I have no idea."

"Look, I know you want to get over him or something. But you should text him." she said, passing me my phone. I stared at it for a long time, "But- I told him I will never forgive him." I said, with my tone full of regret. She formed a small smile on her face,"Well, there is a thing called second chances am I right?" she asked, making me groan. I looked back at the sky full of stars. "Well, what should I say?" I asked. Making her laugh, "Y/N I am not helping you. You have to do this yourself." she said.

I glared at her and opened my messages app. And I dialed his number.


< Messages ย  ย  ย  ย  Details

I'm sorry
sent at 11:00 p.m


Holy shit. I did it. And now I instantly regret it.

I was about to delete the message, until he actually answered.


<Messagesย  ย  Details

I'm Sorry
read at 11:00 p.m

sent at 11:03 p.m

Wait- you know who I am?
read at 11:03 p.m

yes, I'm not stupid Y/N
sent at 11:03 p.m

sorry I just thought-
read at 11:04 p.m

Thought what?
sent at 11:04 p.m

I just thought you blocked me by now
read at 11:04 p.m

Oh. I can if you want me to.
sent at 11:05 p.m

No! I mean- yes you can but-
read at 11:05ย  p.m

I'm kidding Y/N. I won't block u.
sent at 11:05 p.m

What- why?
read at 11:06 p.m

because, why not
sent at 11:06 p.m

u are rlly annoying sir
read at 11:06 p.m

But yet you want to apologize to me?
sent at 11:06 p.m

Look! I'm sorry! That's all.
read at 11:06 p.m

i wiLL nEvEr iN mY lIfE fOrgIvE u
sent at 11:06 p.m

I can't tell if ur being serious or not-
read at 11:06

I mean- isn't that what you said after I
apologized to you?
sent at 11:06

Wow Louis. Wow.
read at 11:07

hey this is Louis's girlfriend, please stop texting him.We are in the middle of a family dinner. Thank you!
sent at 11:07ย 

๐—ฌ๐—ข๐—จ ๐—›๐—”๐—ฉ๐—˜ ๐—•๐—˜๐—˜๐—ก ๐—•๐—Ÿ๐—ข๐—–๐—ž๐—˜๐—— ๐—•๐—ฌ "๐—Ÿ๐—ข๐—จ๐—œ๐—ฆ"

What the-

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