"~Yeah after all this time,
I'm still into you
I'm still into you
I'm still into you~"

a/n- ;)...





"Yes I know Aubrey," I sighed through the phone, my one hand holding it while the other one is writing notes on a notepad.

I was seated in my messy office, papers and magazines scattered everywhere. Sticky notes on one whole wall and newspaper articles on another. My computer was almost out of battery and I was so tired. But yet I still had the energy to talk to Aubrey through the phone.

We managed to work things out after a long silent break since the whole situation, and now everything has been practically normal for the past few months, and I'm not complaining one bit.

"Go to sleep." she demanded, noticing my groggy voice.

"No Aubrey. I have to wor-"

"Work." she sighed, finishing my sentence before me, "Yeah yeah, Ms. Famous is to busy to literally sleep. I get it."

I scoffed as I was checking my emails, "I am not famous."

"Yeah totally not. I mean- you are literally on the cover of Vogue and Vanity fair. You also have one of the world's most famous fashion lines. And you are dating some french model who everyone adores. You're totally not famous."

"Oh shut up." I shook my head, trying to contain my smile.

"You also live in New York. And own how many buildings? Four? I'm guessing four." she continued, "I can't believe we were in that shitty high school months ago and now suddenly you turn famous and I'm just here."

"Aubrey you aren't just 'here'" I say the last word more boldly, "Haven't you forgotten that you practically are one of the most paid photographers in the world?"

"Yes but that's nothing compared to what you do." she joked, "Besides, It's not like I'm friends with almost every celebrity we spent years fangirling over now."

I let out a laugh, "Say what you want. But I hate being called famous."

"Are you okay?" she asked, sounding meaningful but not serious at the same time, "Y/N you are literally living the dream you've always wished of."

"I know."

"So what's the big deal." she asked, noticing how my voice got more lower, "Being famous is amazing."

"I don't know if It's 'amazing' but It is...... eventful."

"Eventful." she repeated, sounding amused.

"Yup." I cleared my throat, "What about you, what's going on with your life." I hated talking about me. How can people actually be entertained by me. Like, they must be paid actors or something cause I am such a boring person in general to speak about.

"I'm going to travel the world." she simply stated like it was no big deal.


"Yeah." she confidently spoke, "Imagine the amazing pictures I would take in every country- It would be so fucking amazing."

"Well I am very jealous."

"You should be." she teased, "Oh and also," she quickly blurted out, "I'm gonna start by hiking up at the very top of mount everest and scream so loudly until my lungs hurt very badly."


"It's a good start isn't it?" she sounded very happy with what she just said.

"Y- yeah that's pretty good." I said back, stunned, "Just don't die. Or get hurt."

"I'm not dumb." she laughed.

"Oh believe me, I know that." I uttered, "So, are you uh-" I let out a fake sarcastic cough, "Going with anyone."

She turned fully quiet.

"Hello? Aubrey?" I asked, thinking we were out of signal for a second.

"Yes." she answered.


"Never mind."

"No tell me."

"Can we change the subject please."

I formed a confused expression on my face, "Um, okay..." I cleared my throat, "Did you buy your plane ticket here yet?" I asked, changing the subject since she brought up New York minutes ago.

"No. I figured you're to famous for me so why bother." she sighed dramatically, sounding normal again.

I glanced at my phone like it was her, "Aubrey!" I whined like a child.

"I'm kidding you idiot." she let out a small laugh, "I would never pass on seeing my famous best friend in New York." She hummed the word New York like it was some magical thing, "And plus I need to see you before I leave to travel-"

"The world." I finished her sentence, "Got it."

"But yeah, I bought a ticket that costs so much so you fucking owe me Y/N."

"Thank god," I sighed in relief, "I need you here. I miss you like crazy."


"Shut up. It's true," I rolled my eyes, "So when are you arriving here?"

"Thursday." she responded as it sounded like she was chewing some kind of food. I'm guessing a muffin.

"That's like three days away." I stated, pouting a little.

"Well would you look at that, your math skills are really paying off." she sarcastically said, "Also It's not that long and yo-"

"Aubrey!" I hear a voice interrupt her through the phone, "Is there any reason why you are wearing my shirt?!"

Who is that?

No seriously, what-

"I don't know what your talking about." she answered.

"Don't play stupid. I need to go to work in like five minutes so please give it to me."

Oh. Wait.

"Aubrey, is that Willia-"

"I need that shirt Aubrey." I heard him say before I even got to finish my sentence.

"Well I need it too."

"No I mean- I need that shirt for work specifically you crazy woman."

I am so confused. I thought they both just broke up.

They were dating for a couple of months after finally admitting how they are very much in love with each other. But they were on and off for a while.

And what annoys me is how they both deny that they are together but it is so obvious that they clearly are.

I love them though. They act like an old married couple when I see or hear them.

"Did you just call me a crazy woman?" she argued, sounding offended.

"William, What a surprise." I blurted out, although it wasn't really a surprise but I still wanted to be part of this thing they are having, "I thought you were in France, writing articles and eating baguettes."

Aubrey suddenly turned more panicked, "He isn't- he wasn't-"

"Oh sorry you aren't William um-" I narrowed my eyes fakely, "Who are you then."

I hear them both hesitate, "He's someone from work." she blurted out.

"Huh. That's weird because you said you hated everyone in your office and that you barely go there anyways."

"Shit." I hear him mumble.

"It wasn't that big of a deal." she said, knowing that I'm trying to just get her to admit she's with him, "He just needed a place to stay for the night."

"You are wearing his shirt Aubrey."

"No I am not."

"Yes you are," I let out a laugh, "He apparently needs that shirt."

"Oh for heaven's sake," I hear him yell and walk closer to the phone, "Y/N I'm just going to make this easier for you okay? Okay." he sighed, "I'm probably still into Aubrey and I hope damn well she's still into me too. I mean we fucking slept toget-"

"Oh fucking shut up William." Aubrey interrupted, "Y/N don't listen to him, he has no idea what he's talking about."

"I think he was telling the truth." Is all I could manage to say from what I've heard.

"Thank you Y/N." William proudly responded before giving Aubrey the chance to speak.

"You are taking his side?"

"I am not taking anyone's side. You guys need to figure this shit out. Without bringing me into this."


"No. Come on guys. You both are practically adults now."

Why do I always have to act like their mother.

It all of a sudden turned quiet. Nothing made any noise.

What is going on now?

Are they just standing there? Oh god it would be so awkward if they are doing that.

They are probably thinking about what they should do.


I raised my eyebrows and made a weird face, finally knowing what's happening.

"Okay um, I feel like I'm intruding something so... bye Aubrey. And William. Bye Aubrey and William." I blurted out, hanging up the phone. They probably didn't hear me anyways, but I'll call her back later.

I sighed, pushing my back against my chair. My whole body felt tired.

I looked through my phone, scrolling through many online articles. Not much important things.

Until my eyes landed on one specific article.


What. The. Hell.

After many months of not hearing any news from the rich and famous Blair Jones, people are starting to think she has disappeared. Apparently she has been very silent, especially after she dismissed the lawsuit towards Y/N Johnson and most likely 'regretted' the things that she has done. Or at least that's what people are saying. But the real question is, where has she gone? Her sister, Alice Jones says that she is travelling out of the country to take a break and figure things out. But that was all we could get from her.

Swipe down to read more.

I let out a small sarcastic laugh. You have got to be kidding me.

I can't believe she would just leave out of nowhere like that.

I read more of the dramatically written article. The rest of the stuff was either not true or boring and irrelevant.

I put my phone down, shocked but feeling a little.... guilty.

I don't know why, but we were practically dumb teenagers back then right? We made dumb decisions and did dumb things.

But what she did was admittedly wrong. And literally scarred me for life. But, hopefully we both learned from what we caused back then.

I do think what she did was cowardly, but also It's like I could understand why she was doing this.

I remember getting the call from her lawyer, telling me that she has dismissed the lawsuit. And I was finally 'free'

Then me and Aubrey got drunk after and celebrated.

But I still don't know what triggered her to do something like that. I never expected a girl like her to regret something or change something she felt guilty about.

Maybe in the future we would finally get along well and fix things.

Hopefully we would. I've always wanted a friend like her. Strong, independent, and doesn't give a shit about anyone.

A sound of someone knocking the door interrupted my thinking.

I looked up towards the door, "Come in."

The door quickly opened, making some papers around me fall onto the floor from the wind that was caused by opening it.

"Hi don't mean to bother you Y/N but you have a ten o'clock meeting with Marco Bizzarri that starts in two minutes and some signatures you need to fill." Andrea, my secretary, said quickly. Putting a stack of more papers onto my messy desk.

Marco Bizzarri is the CEO of gucci. How was I even able to schedule a meeting with him?

I turned my wrist to where my watch was and checked the time carefully, "Okay thanks Andrea." I responded, standing up and lightly fixing my hair before walking out of my office door.


"Louis do you have any new movies coming out?"

"Louis are you in a relationship at the moment?"

"Louis what happened with you and Y/N Johnson?"

"Louis look over here!"

"What are your thoughts on Blair Jones running away?"

"Louis do you still have feelings for Y/N."

"Do you miss Y/N?"

"What do you think of Y/N owning one of the most best paid fashion lines in the world?"

"Louis look over here!"

"Louis answer my question!"

I fucking hate paparazzi. And news reporters.

I took a deep breath, "What was your question?" I turned around and asked one reporter, looking like she was going to faint.

"Are you in a relationship at the moment?" she asked, holding the small microphone way close to my face.

"No I am not." I responded simply.

"And how do you feel about that?"

"I'm just living my best life. Now please excuse me." I stated, proceeding to walk to my car where I should've been minutes ago until they crowded around me in not even a second.

I quickly positioned myself onto the driver's seat, starting the car while ignoring the amount of people swarming around me like zombies.

The more questions I heard, the more angry I have gotten each second.

"Louis what happened to you?"

"Are you working on more stuff with Millie Bobby Brown?"

"Where are you driving off to?"

That's it.

I pressed down the button that makes the window go down and peeked my head outside, "Can you please fucking go away and find something better to do with your life before you guys fucking ask me what sort of boxers I have? Thank you." and I quickly pushed the gas pedal with my foot and drove off, leaving them behind.

Luckily I didn't run any of them over. Boy, what a news that would be.

I took a deep breath, driving straight to the set I'm required to be in.

More buildings passed me by as I drove in silence.

It was pretty quiet in here, so I turned up the radio.

"We heard Y/N Johnson has gotten pretty famous now isn't that right John?" a woman's voice blurted out through the small speakers.

I cleared my throat, glancing at the radio like this was some sort of plan it is forming secretly.

"Yeah she has," he proceeded to laugh, "Apparently she is in New York right now, spotted in one of her buildings in times square."

I clenched the steering wheel harder, looking straight ahead.

I'm in times square right now.

I have to film a movie here in New York and stay here for a week or two at least. And so far, I hate it here.

I turned the radio off, hearing the sounds of ambulance sirens and cars honking. I see some people crossing the street. Some were listening to music on their headphones and some were looking like they didn't care about anything.

I wish I didn't care.

I wish I didn't care about her still.

But I do. A little.

No. Scratch that Louis. It's been months for heaven's sake. She has forgotten about you and is perfectly fine with the life she's living. I mean have you seen her?

No. I haven't seen her, well not in person at least.

But I have seen her on magazines and interviews. And I don't even search them up, they constantly appear everywhere.

It's getting so fucking annoying at this point. People always ask me about her or bring up her name. And all I could think about was that shitty night a long time ago, when we had that stupid fight. And how we haven't seen each other since.

But I'm fine. She's fine. We are both fine.

That's good right? I'm still a well paid actor and she is a well paid designer. And we are practically successful in life.

There is nothing to worry about, besides It would be better if we stayed in our separate lives.

I wish I would've said sorry, though.

A loud honking noise startles me. I turn around and see someone honking madly behind me through my back window. I turn back and face the front, realizing that there was a green light this whole time.

I drove forward, erasing everything, including her, away from my mind.

It's weird, I haven't thought about her for a long time because of how busy I've been with everything. But hearing her name on the radio made a whole other type of feeling appear.

I hope she's doing alright.

Jesus, I'm exhausted. I need coffee.



"Yes Andrea please let him know that I can't come today." I breathed out, crossing the street as fast as I can. My phone between my shoulder and the side of my ear, my bag dangling from my hand, papers and forms in another.

"Yeah but my schedule is very full right now, tell him that we can have a meeting next week or something." I quickly stated through the phone, out of breath.

My hair was tied into a messy bun, making some strands fall onto my forehead.

I blew a strand of hair away from my face, "Today? Can he fucking give me a rest? I already have five meetings scheduled at the same day plus a wedding dress I have to work on." I said, quickly walking past people on the sidewalk.

"Yeah sorry," I coughed, "I'm kind of going somewhere right now." cars brushed past me, making my hair even more messy.

"I'm getting coffee cause I'm tired as fuck." I laughed, "But I'll be- Oh shit I'm sorry!" I lifted the phone away from my ear and looked at the person I accidentally bumped into while practically almost running.

They glared in response and walked straight ahead, ignoring my apology.

I scoffed and kept walking, putting the phone back against my ear, "People these days. They can't have at least some decency?"

The wind brushed past me, making some papers in my hand fall to the ground.

I groaned, "Hold on."

I stop walking, removing the phone from my ear once again and leaning down to get the papers that fell out of my hand.

I took a deep breath, "Okay what were you saying?" I sighed, the phone almost slipping off my shoulder, "No. Tell him that I can't and I won't."

I crossed another street, "He is in my office?" I asked, widening my eyes, "Andrea get him out!" I spoke loudly, making some people near me give me weird glances.

I gave them small smiles in return, then proceeded to talk in a more low voice, "I don't care. I don't know this fucking guy. He might have a weapon in his pockets for heaven sake."

At this point my white buttoned up top I was wearing was wrinkled and half untucked from my jeans.

I was still walking to where I needed to be, cars stuck in traffic, honking in the background.

"He knows me? He told you that?" I let out a sarcastic laugh, "He might be a creep who has nothing better to do with their life. Plus, people like that come in our buildings sometimes remember?"

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" A guy shouted through his car window angrily right at me.

I look at him weirdly then looked around me. I realize that I was in the middle of the street and there was a green light above me.

I gulped nervously, "Sorry!" I shouted back, running straight forward.

I shut my eyes in embarrassment, "Fuck, um-" I paused, "I gotta go, the coffee shop is across from me." I exhaled a breath of air, "Do you want anything from there? No? Okay. I will see you later. And please-" I whispered, "Send security to let that man leave."

I hung up the phone and shoved it inside my bag. I crossed another street and arrived in front of one of my favorite coffee shops in New York.

It was a pretty small place. I loved how old fashioned it looked with brick walls and small fancy tables and chairs outside.

The smell of coffee beans met my nose. I love coffee.

I noticed there was two long lines that led outside the doors.

I let out a frustrated sigh, I hate long lines.

But I moved over to the line on the right anyways. This better be worth it.

More people started forming behind me in the matter of seconds.

I took a moment to just look around me. It feels nice just admiring the city in front of you. I mean, It is New York.

There is so many tall buildings and people just walking around. And for a moment I forget that I had to be at work in the next twenty minutes.

I suddenly look up above me, not thinking clearly and in my own world. And my mouth slightly parted at the sight in front of me.

One of the buildings had a big screen on the front of it at the way top, at first showing a commercial of hair products, but then revealing a movie premiere that's coming out next month.

I squinted my eyes to get a better look.

It showed some credits of who is going to be in the movie. And the first name that popped up was his name.

A name I haven't seen in so long.


"Are you going to move?" the sound of an old lady said behind me, making me flinch a little.

I remove my eyes from that screen and looked in front of me, seeing an open space.

I turn my head to face her, "Yeah sorry I just thought I saw something."

I walked forward onto the space in front of me, hearing her grunt behind me.

Great. I have made at least three random strangers mad at me today. I love it here.

The line was moving slowly but surely. I heard some people in front of me complaining and others on their phone, not caring one bit.

I look back at the building with the big screen, admittedly wanting to see his name again. But I was to late. It already switched onto another commercial.

Whatever. That was months ago. Forget about it.

After many long minutes of waiting, I was finally inside of the shop. The coffee smell was getting stronger and stronger.

The inside of this shop is way better than the outside.

Brick walls were still surrounding me inside. But there were also dim lights that were hanging from the roof, almost making it seem like they were going to fall off. Also a bunch of plants were in here. Along with a huge window that showed the name of the place painted on it and the view of the city streets.

The other line beside me was more chill than the one I was in. I heard no complaining or groaning, which made me wish I was in that one instead.

Before I had the time to observe the people that were in that line, it was all of a sudden my turn to order.

I noticed that there were two baristas with things that looked like tablets in front of them. I think they use those instead of cash registers? I don't know.

Life was so much simpler back then.

The two baristas were right next to each other, behind a large tall table that showed a chalkboard connected on the bottom with the name of things they served here.

I also saw a glimpse of pastries behind them.

No wonder there were two lines.

"Ma'am?" the barista in front of me said, making me snap out of my thoughts.

I looked over at her, "Hi." I blurted out, not knowing what the hell I'm doing.

I am not good at ordering food. And even stuff in general.

"Hello." she smiled, "What would you like to order?"

A huge amount of relief washed over me, "Um, can I just have a small classic latte please?" I asked, feeling the line beside me move and now another person was in front of the other barista.

"Yes and would you like that to go or for here?" she asked kindly, she has sort of a small southern accent.

"To go please."

"Yes ma'am, and your total would be ten dollars." she simply stated.

I forgot how things in New York can be way to over priced.

I brought out my wallet from my bag and took out one of my many cards. I then gave it to her.

After a few seconds, she gave me my card back and walked over to the back of the room, where there was a small station area with two people with aprons on, each making what looks like tea. There was a bunch of coffee bean grinders and machines in front of them too.

I bit my lip to stay focused as I waited for her to make my drink. My mind was going places. I have so many things to do today.

I really need a break.

A sudden ringtone from my phone interrupted the actual calm experience I was feeling.

I took it out of my bag and answered it.

It was Andrea again, talking about meetings and more meetings that I have planned this week.

"Andrea slow down." I mumble, shaking my head in annoyance.

She was talking horribly fast I couldn't keep up, "Okay sorry but what about next week-"

The rest of her voice felt as if it were fading lower and lower, as if someone was turning down volume on radio speaker.

"Yeah can I just get a medium iced tea please?" I heard a deep voice beside me tell the barista loud enough so I can hear him, intruding my thoughts.

Suddenly my attention drifted slowly onto him.

Why does his voice sound so famili-

Oh my fucking shit.


No no no.


This can't be. It is another person's voice.

It has to be another person's voice right?


Please don't make it be who I think it is going to be.

I can't see him. Not like this. I'm literally a fucking mess.

His voice his voice his voice.


The memories come swirling in. His voice, his accent, his whispers, his anger, his sadness, himself.

I hate you I hate you I hate you.

I haven't even seen him yet. So there is a slight possibility that it can't be him.

It can't be him.

But It can. It can fucking be him.

I'm trying to not think of his name and his face.

Oh for fucks sake.

I quickly turn my head to look at the person beside me.

And I freeze.

Louis Partridge.

Louis fucking Partridge.

This can't be.

This isn't real.

He's here.

The boy I fell in love with a year ago is here next to me, looking straight ahead. His jawline is the same. The same jawline I traced my fingers onto. His hair. The same hair I played with. His eyes.

His eyes. His eyes. His eyes.

Those same eyes I would spend all day staring at.

And the phone my hand was grasping slips out of my reach and falls onto the floor, most likely cracking as it hit it.

I heard faint voices behind me, trying to tell me how probably crazy I am for doing that.

But I didn't even notice. Because he was here. Next to me. Not looking at me luckily, but I felt like he was.

This is unbelievable.

Why him? Out of everybody here, why?

Fuck you universe.

Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

He's turning around. Oh shit.

I see him glance at the floor first, confused as he heard what seemed like the noise my phone made once it fell out of my hand.

His eyes slowly just started drifting up to the bottom half of my body. That's good. He doesn't need to see my face. Ever.

But then his eyes slowly and slowly lifted up to my upper body.

And then to my face.

And he looks at me. Not looks, but stares. He stares deeply at me. Like he has forgotten all about me. But I know he didn't, because he has that small glint in his eyes. That same glint he would have whenever he would always look at me.

And his eyebrows suddenly relax from scrunching up.

My heart instantly drops.

My throat turns fully dry. I feel the need to vomit.

But he just stands there stunned, looking at me.

I am so afraid. And I don't know why. Maybe It's cause seeing him brings back so many memories that I tried to push away from my life. Or because seeing him makes me remember how much of an asshole I was back then.

He looks so much more mature since last time I saw him. It's almost like he's changed for the better.

His brown hair is now a little longer, his hands still have those silver rings I used to love, his face has grown more manly somehow, and his body is now taller.

It's like I'm staring at a whole other different person.

But he isn't different at the same time. He's the boy I used to spent hours admiring. The boy I used to fall deeply in love with. He was my first ever love. He was my lou.

And him staring at me, makes me feel like I was in high school again. Struggling and basically crying every night because of how he broke me.

Yeah, he broke me. A lot.

I will always remember that.

But, seeing him also brings back this feeling I used to like somehow. Seeing his eyes made me remember the fact that my eyes have met so many other eyes, but mine would only got lost in his.

Staring into Louis Partridge's eyes are like staring into a midnight sky full of stars. Mesmerizing. It's like you can stare at it all day and get lost in them.

I notice him bite his lip, trying to not say anything. But I know he wanted to.

But what is there to say when you meet the person you spent almost all your teenage years loving now, one year later.

Why is he here. This is New York. He never liked cities like these.

Is he here on purpose?

"Here is your latte Ma'am." I hear the barista say. And I can feel her pass the drink towards me.

But I don't take it.

Why can't I fucking move.

I hear people behind us complain and let us know that we are keeping the line from moving.

But somehow, I ignore them

This isn't me. I should go and leave. I need to get to work anyways before Andrea calls me again worriedly, telling me I have even more papers I need to sign. But also, my phone broke. So what now? What should I do?

My heart feels so heavy It's almost like It might fall.

My hands start to shake in anxiousness. And I could feel the barista stare between the two of us, confused as ever.

Yeah, I should probably just go.

But before I got the chance to, his mouth slightly moves as if he's going to say something. And I stop from moving again.

And he clears his throat.

"Hey." his voice was sort of a whisper but loud enough for me to hear him. It was deep with a little rasp in it. That same voice I used to adore.

His tone was telling me to not leave. To stay. It felt comforting and a little nerve wracking at the same time . And suddenly my whole body loosened in relief.

His lips slowly quirked up into a small smile. A smile that signaled that it will be alright, And I just know, that he was feeling the same relief I felt just now.

I let out a quiet, small sigh.

And for no certain reason, I wasn't afraid anymore.

"Hi, Louis." I responded, slowly forming a grin on my face. Not hesitating one bit.

And I can't help but think to myself, This was just like the day we first met.