Tip Number Two- Let Her Know Just How Special She Is!

"What?!" Naruto exclaimed, crying waterfall tears, "How could you be so cruel?!"

Feeling everyone's gazes on her, Masaki scratched her cheek, blushing and laughing nervously. "Well, you see... I was kinda used to guys asking me that sort of thing... so it didn't really mean anything..."

"WHAT?!" both Kiba and Naruto were shocked beyond belief by this, "Gejimayu, are you hearing this?"

Lee grinned weakly, attempting to hide the jealousy he felt- it was unbecoming, and not to mention ungentlemanly. "I already knew that Masaki-chan has many admirers." determination lit in his eyes, "It just means I have to work harder to make her happy!"

The girls of the group seemed slightly envious, but otherwise in disbelief of the pair's relationship dynamic. "Wow," Ino muttered to Masaki, "You've really got yourself in a good place with him, haven't you?"

Despite the joking smirk on the Yamanaka's face, the Ao clan girl flushed even darker, "N-no! It's not like that-"

"You're all missing the point, kure!" Konohamaru cut in in frustration, "That didn't do much of anything! What other tips do you have?"

Lee stopped thoughtfully. "Well..."

Tip Number Two: Let Her Know Just How Special She Is!

Lee was heartbroken. His teammates were astounded as to how anyone could become so infatuated with a person without even knowing them, and yet here Lee was, living evidence, moping because Masaki-chan called him a weirdo.

"I don't get why you're so beat up by this!" Tenten said incredulously, "You barely even know this girl!"

"Tenten, this is Lee we're talking about here..." Neji pointed out, arms folded, "Why are you so surprised?"

The kunoichi just sighed. If only that, the taijutsu user's ability to fall in and out of infatuation so rapidly was amazing. Even so, this was getting out of hand. She flopped to sit down beside her teammate, patting his back and finally speaking up,

"Look, you just have to persevere and eventually you'll win her over-"

"Eh? I did not say that!" Tenten cut in, a mixture of shock and irritation showing through in her tone. "I told you to give up, baka!"

"Really?" Lee asked, confused, "That's not how I remember it..."

"That's because you have selective hearing!! Baka!" the kunoichi said, but her teammate had already returned to regailing his tale.

"You're right, Tenten!" The raven-haired shinobi exclaimed, flames of determination blazing in his eyes, "I just have to let her know how special she is and keep trying, then I'll win Masaki-chan over for sure!"

And that was how it began.

Lee began a village-wide search for his dear Masaki; since it seemed she was not at the library at this time he would have to find her elsewhere. He scratched his cheek, "If I were a beautiful flower, where would I be..?" then, his expression lit up, and he formed several hand signs, "Transformation jutsu!"-

"Wait wait wait- I thought you couldn't use ninjutsu?" Kiba demanded, tired of the seemingly bogus story. "You're just making this up as you go along, aren't you?" the Inuzuka stopped still as he realised that Lee was now wearing a flower costume, and sighed. What kind of transformation jutsu was that? "I... stand corrected..."

Lee's appearance rapidly changed to that of a beatiful red rose- the flower of love to represent the blossoming emotions he felt for his dear Masaki-chan. (As you can see, Lee's heart is a fickle one. Sakura knows this well.)

"Lee, why are you dressed as a flower now?" Tenten asked in exasperation, as Lee sat cross-legged on the grass, focusing his 'inner flower'.

"Why do you even bother asking anymore?" Neji replied, having long-since accepted that their teammate was hopelessly and irrepairably weird.

"Got it!" The flower-man exclaimed, "The meadows! There are loads of flowers there!"

Dragging Neji along, Lee charged to scour every meadow he could find. To his dismay, she was not present at any of them. "Where else...?" then, he brightened again as inspiration struck, "A flower shop!"

Tenten, who had been encouraged to follow her teammates by an expression of extreme torture from Neji, spoke up again in annoyance, "You seem to be forgetting completely that Masaki-san herself is not actually a flower!"

But, her words were ignored, and Lee rushed to the closest flower shop, Neji being waved in the air behind him as he ran.

"This is a waste of time, Lee, she won't be in here..!" the kunoichi trailed off as she caught sight of the chocolate brown hair and grass green eyes that signified Masaki Ao. She straightened and brushed herself down, "Huh.. guess you were right. Ohayo, Masaki-san."

"Ah, Tenten-san, ohayo." The brunette replied, handing some money to Ino Yamanaka across the counter as she carefully took ahold of the daffodil stems. She turned, stared at the spectacle that was the flower-costumed Lee and bedraggled Neji for a while, then said, "Ano, Tenten-san, is Neji-san alright..? He looks a bit green."

"He better not puke on this carpet!" Ino panicked, "I'll have to clear it up!"

"Lee, get him outside!" Tenten yelled at the still dumbstruck boy, but he managed to do as he was told, carrying his friend outside. Tenten and Masaki followed behind as Neji got laid down on a bench outside. His eyes made funny spiral motions, and his face was pale, but he was otherwise okay.

"Masaki-chan!" Lee finally exclaimed, finally free of his shock at having actually found her, "You are like the last bowl of extra spicy curry that is so delicious yet painful! Please go out with me!"

Masaki blinked a few times, looked away, looked back, blinked again, then pulled her hands out of his grip. Her expression was dull. "No."

With that, she walked away, tossing a "Goodbye, Tenten-san!" over her shoulder.

The two conscious shinobi stared after her, a precarious silence filling the air. Tenten turned to Lee, worried that he would fall into depression once again, but it seemed that he was more determined than ever.

"I simply didn't deliver my speech effectively enough! If I wrote it down, she would definitely understand!" Lee grinned, another idea striking him, "I shall write Masaki-chan a letter!"

Tenten sighed, but before she could stop him, he was off again, scribbling down several different similes comparing Masaki to curry, training and all the other things that the naive boy loved. (It didn't seem to occur to him that other people would find these much less complimenting and more strange and slightly offensive). He rolled up the paper and slid it into a cylindrical container with a heart-shaped stopper on the end.

"Yosh! Now, to slip it into her bag when she's not looking!" considering it was a ninja trying to put something in the bag of a civilian, Lee initially thought that it would be easy. However, it turned out to be much easier said than done, because Masaki had hearing like a hawk and a seemingly quite nervous disposition- meaning she held onto her bag tightly as she walked around, making it very difficult to get close and put the scroll in. Lee had to follow her around for more than an hour, just to see her slightly loosen her grip, but even then it wasn't enough. Tenten suggested accidentally on purpose walking into her, and slip the letter in while she was recovering, but Lee refused- should she fall and get hurt he could never forgive himself.

Eventually, though, he managed, and Masaki disappeared inside a shop with the letter precariously balanced atop the items in her bag. When she came out, the letter was gone from sight in her bag and a piece of paper was in her hands. Lee's heart jumped. She was reading the letter!

A broad smile came onto the girl's face, and his hope rose, only to come crashing down as the smile became hysterical laughter. He could only watch, heartbroken as she laughed for the longest of times, before sliding the paper into some sort of plastic wallet to go into her bag. Dejected, Lee turned and moped back past Tenten.

Masaki waved her hands nervously at all of the glares focused on her. "It's not what you think!" she said, quickly, "I never saw any letter! I was proofreading a manga manuscript for a friend, and it was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing! The letter must have fallen out of my bag!"

"Uh-huh... convenient story." Naruto said, eyeing her suspiciously. The brunette just sighed, causing Lee to pat her arm.

"But if she had read it, I'm sure the letter would have worked!" Lee exclaimed to Konohamaru, who nodded rapidly and wrote the idea down on the back of his hand.

"Yosh! I'm going to go try this, kure!" he exclaimed, dashing away.

"I wonder who this girl is that he's trying to impress, anyway?" Tenten mused. Sakura tilted her head to one side.

"Maybe it's... Moegi-chan..?" she said thoughtfully, only to recieve a shrug in reply. The group all sighed and finally started on their meal.

- - -

This fic is more based on the Naruto spin off; Rock Lee's Ninja Pals. Because it's fucking fabulous.

Also there's going to be a lot of weird shit in this. A lot of crack.

So it kinda had to be based off the spin off.

Well. Anyway. Cheers for reading. See you next time.