Chapter 31

It's been a couple of months since the meeting with Ruby's mother and she has aged yet another year. They celebrated her birthday like any other, and as she grew older her awareness became stronger as well.

After finding out that Y/N and Sylvia had been dating, she couldn't stop yelling all the joy out that it embarrassed the two adults in front of the guests.

The other three girls would also age another year sometime later and it would be yet another fun celebration.

"Can't believe I'm gonna be teaching the smaller brats again this school year." Said Qrow, as he stands in front of the classroom looking upon the students.

"That's rude, teacher!" Weiss scolded him.

"We miss you too, teacher." Said Yang, in a sarcastic way.

"We are good kids." Nora chimed in proudly.

"Yeah, until you all practically destroyed the whole class while I was gone for seconds..." Qrow said as he groans.

"You're lying, we were only playing because you left us..!" Another student defends.

"I told you kids to behave when I'm not around... Bah, forget it. You little pipsqueaks are just stalling time so we don't get started with our lesson, just like those other brats.

And thus, Qrow began with his teaching after receiving a response from the students. Truly such a swell day it is for all of them, during the classes, Weiss was smiling the whole time. Blake was able to notice this after a while and grew curious. She scoots a little closer to her and grabbed her attention.

"Why do you look so happy?" She whispered beside her.

 "I made a new friend!" Weiss responds in glee.

"Ohh.. who?"

Their class ended and it was recess for the students. Weiss had told her sister Blake that she would introduce her to her new friend, waiting by the swings. About minutes of waiting went by, they soon noticed someone running closer to them. They stopped in front of them, bending and panting on their knees.

"I'm late, sorry!" They immediately apologized.

"It's okay. Blakey, this is my new friend, Pyrrha!" Weiss happily introduced her to her sister.

"She's from the other class." Blake commented. "My name's Blake, nice to meet you." 

"You have a faunus sister, that's so cool. I'm Pyrrha! Nice to meet you too." The red haired child smiled at them.

"Let's go play with Nora and the others." Weiss excitedly drags the other two girls with her.

Within the teacher's office, Qrow can be seen standing next to the window watching over the children scatter around and play. He takes out his flask and drinks from it.

"I wanna resign from this job already. These kids are growing into demons..." He said in distress.

"Why is that? You're doing well with your teaching though? Despite being a drunkard." A blonde colleague of his spoke.

"Those brats kept calling me old man and I hate it." He snarled.

"You get used to it." His green haired colleague gives him a pat on the back.


"...Do you like ships?" Aron asked as he observes some ship figurines on the shelf.

"Not really. But my old man does, I remembered when I was a kid he kept rambling about what kinds of ships he loves." I chuckled as I resume on typing on my laptop.

"Woah, he even has the famous battleships from back in the old war." 

"Oh? I didn't know they're even battleships, I thought all of them we're just some cruise ships that are well built and large." I said.

"It appears that you are just another one of those people with no taste at all. Such a bummer. I bet your old geezer and I would make great buddies just by talking about ships all day long." He gestured around.

"Trust me, you would not want that at all. It might backfire you instead." I felt a shiver down my spine.

"Why? I'm sure your pops is just as great to talk to about this topic." He gives me a frown.

"My old man is more annoying than you thought he would be, that's why I let Emma take care of him back in the other town while I take over our family business. Because we know with him around he'll be yapping like a Chihuahua like all the time." My fingers grabbed the cup of coffee and I took a sip from it.

"Oh yeah. I totally forgot about that part." Aron gives off strange look. "So anyway, what are you up too on your computer?" He left the shelf and walked to my side to check on what was I doing.

"Helping out Summer with her investigation, I wouldn't let myself get wrapped up into this but my daughters are involved." 

"Summer? She's Ruby's mother, right?" He scans the screen from top to bottom.


"She's good looking."

"Really? Right in front of my coffee?" I deadpanned.

"Whaaat? I was only spitting facts. Though she's no match for my wife." He hummed, seemingly proud of himself.

"It's still so strange... Even after multiple cases of children going missing for years, none of the authorities have found any solid evidences about who could be behind all of this." I slowly leaned back.

"The other question is; What's their motive anyway?" Aron crossed his arms, thinking.  

"Who knows? Though after experiencing it, I'd guess it would be stupid." I let out a small laugh.

"Probably, wanna go out and grab something to eat? Your wife seems to be busy taking care of Ruby so you're all right for now." He began walking towards the door.

"She isn't my wife... yet." I stood up and closed the laptop, a small smile showing on my face.

"Better make me the best man when the time comes, aight?" Aron looks at me, showing a grin, "If you didn't, then you're no longer my bro."

Chuckling at his threat, I pat his back. "Come on, who else would be a better best man than you?"

"Let's go and pick up the kids at school after our meal." He said as we walk out of my office.