JJ Maybank - PROM

Prom night. The night where every guy or girl plucks up the courage to ask their crush to join them, for a night of lust, fun and dancing. 'Unlucky' for me, I was spending the evening alone. Well, not completely alone. I was attending the prom with my best friend, JJ, after we'd both failed to get dates. Though, secretly, I hadn't even tried to snag a date, because I'd wanted to go with him all along. Which is why, despite not having a date, I was putting in maximum effort.

I was now late afternoon and everyone had gathered at John B's, to get ready. After putting on my dress, I stood in front of the mirror and attempted to put on my necklace. After falling to close the clasp multiple times, I let out a loud sigh and walked over to the hallway.

"JJ?!" I called down the hall.

"Yeah?" He yelled back.

"Please can you help me with my necklace?" I asked, stumbling over my dress as I walked back into the room.

"One sec." He shouted, "I can't figure out my tie."

I chuckled, "Come here! Put this on for me and I'll fix your tie."

Seconds later, I heard footsteps and JJ stuck his head into the room.

He let out an overexaggerated gasp, "Well, well, well Y/N. Don't you look absolutely ravishing!"

I chuckled sarcastically at his flirty comment, before holding out my necklace, "Can you put this on for me, please?"

"Well," JJ replied, "since you asked nicely."

He took the necklace from my hand and swept my hair to the side.

"I was being serious, you know" JJ whispered, fastening the necklace around my neck."You look incredible tonight."

"Thankyou." I blushed when my eyes met his through the mirror. Neither of us broke the eye contact, until JJ had brushed my hair back into place and stepped away.

"The suit looks amazing on
you by the way." I finally said.

"You think so?"

"Almost." I muttered, fixing the knot in his tie. "Now it does."

He smiled and looked into my eyes. "Thankyou."

"You're welcome." I replied, smiling back.

"Y/n?" He almost whispered, leaning slightly closer.

"Yes?" I asked, my voice catching in my throat.

"I wanna kiss you so much right now..." He muttered.

I leant in further, my lips millimetres from his, and lowered my voice. "Then do it."

I closed my eyes as JJ kissed me softly. He roamed his hand along my arm, and it was almost comforting. After some time, he pulled away. I couldn't helped but grin when he smiled at me.

"I was hoping you'd do that today," I said, placing my head on his shoulder.

JJ kissed my forehead softly, before taking my hand in his.

'Let's go to prom."


I'm so sorry! I'm sorry for not posting in ages and for how short this imagine is and for not proof reading it before publishing. I have no excuse, I'm just forgetful and lazy! But anyways, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading. Lily x