Chapter 50

"What type of girl do you want, Abhimanyu?" Sid questioned this time and Abhimanyu looked at him.

Everyone got real silent and waited for Abhimanyu to speak.

Divya felt like her heart was beating fastly in her chest as if she ran a marathon. She was waiting to hear Abhimanyu's preference. The silence was making her nervous and excited at the same time.

Abhimanyu looked at Siya. She felt his gaze on her. She stared into his eyes directly and then rolled her eyes at him. He clenched his jaw at her behaviour.

"The girl needs to be tall, not some shorty who barely reaches my shoulder." He spoke loud and clear, looking at Siya with cold eyes.

Siya frowned. She is short.. Not completely short but not tall either. She is what people call an average height girl. Was he speaking about her indirectly and making fun of her height?

"Long hair irritates me, she needs to have short hair which reaches her shoulder only." He said, eyeing her long waist length hair. "Hair upto or below waist looks like a jungle."

Siya pursued her lips and moved her waist length hair back.

"She needs to have eyes other than brown. Brown eyes are dull and look like shit." He gazed into her warm honey pools.

Siya closed her eyes shut! Brown eyes. She has brown eyes! Did he just insulted the entire Asian population including her?!

"She needs to be quiet and gentle. Unnecessary attitude gives me a headache."

Siya had the urge to show him her middle finger and tell him to fuck off.

On the other hand, Divya was flustered. Every description which Abhimanyu gave matched with her. She is tall, has shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, and is quiet and gentle. Was it his way of indirectly saying that he likes her?
She looked at him with a shy gaze, her cheeks adored with a soft blush.

"We need to get back to the game now!" Aryan said and spun the bottle this time. It landed on Abhimanyu who didn't look interested in the game.

"Woah! Truth or dare?" Aryan asked with a big grin on his face. However, the smile slowly disappeared from his face after hearing his next words.

"I am not playing this stupid game."

"What?" Aryan questioned, shocked. "Aahana, you will have to complete your punishment now!"

"Abhimanyu?! Why are you betraying me? We had a deal back then." Aahana almost cried. She doesn't want to call her boss and say those things to him. He will fire her!

"I never had any deal with you. Deal with the consequences of your actions." Abhimanyu said.

"Let it be Aahana. People need guts to play the game. Who knows what type of questions or dare one might receive which he might fail to do." Siya scoffed and pretended to look at Aahana.

A deep chuckle rumbled through his chest. "Are you challenging me?" He asked.

Atleast she talked with him. For a moment, he thought that he had to bear her silent treatment the entire trip. As much he hated to say it, he missed her voice and sarcastic remarks.

"No. I am stating the truth."

Both of them looked at each other, their gaze deep and intense.

"So, are you playing or not?" Aryan asked, breaking their gaze. Abhimanyu gave a stiff nod and Aryan asked with a grin yet again. "Truth or dare." He asked. There was a dare in his mind and if Abhimanyu takes dare, then he can't wait for him to do it.


That's it. A smirk formed on Aryan's face.

"Call the recent person from your call log and talk dirty and when I say dirty, I mean dirty."

The moment he said it there was an unusual silence. That was until it was broken by Aahana's laughter.

"Aryan, I don't think he knows how to flirt with someone, talking dirty with someone is a whole different thing-" Her laughter died the moment she felt his burning gaze on her. She sat straight and pushed a few strands of her hair back. "I mean he will do it. He is Abhimanyu Singh Rajput! Name one thing he can't do." She tried to butter him.

Abhimanyu looked at Aryan with a blank gaze. There's no way he would do such stupidity but then his eyes fell on Siya who was already looking at him with a smile on her face, almost hoping for him to turn down the dare.

"I will do it." He declared.

He opened his phone and checked his call list. It was Khanna, the last person on his call list and the same person with whom he had to talk dirty.

A sigh of relief left his lips. At Least it's not a woman. He can talk to Khanna about it later and explain to him about the dare but if it was a woman then God knows what dreams she will start to cook about him.

He pressed on the hit button and called Khanna.

"Put the call on speaker." Aryan requested and got a cold glare in return to which he smiled sheepishly.

"Hello Sir! What can I do for you?" Khanna picked the call in the first ring and asked.

"Khanna'' Abhimanyu spoke, his Adam apple bobbed as he realised what he had to do.

"Yes Sir?" The poor man asked, unknown to the fact that his world is going to shook soon.

"I have been wanting to tell you this forever, that I-" Abhimanyu paused, not knowing what to say. "Have you prepared the file which I told you too?"

"Yes Sir, the file is ready. I have sent you a copy of it in your email. The hardcopy will be ready once you reach here."


"Is that all, Sir?"

"No, wait." Abhimanyu sighed. What the fuck should he say?

"You are amazing Khanna-"

"OH MY GOD! ARE YOU FINALLY APPRECIATING ME SIR?" Khaana asked, almost crying over the phone.

Abhimanyu pinched the tip of his nose in anger. He will fire him if he cuts him in the middle of sentence again.

"Keep quiet and listen to me without speaking in between." He growled over the phone.

"Y-Yes Sir."

"Khanna, since the moment I saw you have always been there in my mind." Abhimanyu started, his eyes met with Siya and he looked at her intently. The world around him disappeared slowly as he gazed at her. The only thing which was in his mind was her, nothing else mattered to him at that moment.

"There's this need in me to be with you all the time, to cage your tiny body in my arms and protect you from everyone. To kiss the tears away from your eyes and fill them with happiness. To whisper sweet into your ears and show how beautiful you look from my eyes. To take you away with me and hide you in my embrace forever, away from everyone's eyes." He looked deep into her eyes, caging her with his gaze. It was like he had opened his heart raw in front of her and displayed his feelings.

Siya's lips parted after hearing him. Her heart clenched in an unknown yet familiar emotion. The familiar strings pulled at her heart again and made her weak.

"The fear which grips my heart when I think of a life alone, without you in it. The agony, anguish and rage which I feel at the thought of you being hurt or in danger. The madness to make you mine, to conquer you yet crumble down to my knees just for you. The storm which builds inside me when I see you with someone, the urge to paint my hands red with the man's blood with whom you were. To vanish the existence of the person who hurts you, to make him scream in agony and lay him at your feet." His eyes which always had a smoky layer of mask, disappeared slowly and showed his inner demon, his real self which always stayed hidden under his stone face. There was a dark look on his face which made him look lethal, almost monstrous.

The madness in his eyes scared Siya and with the intensity he was looking into her eyes had her anxious and petrified. His words weren't mere promises, it sounded like vows.

Her heart was beating fastly and in a bad way. She was shaken by his words.

A pin drop silence was there in the room. Haunting silence. Even the sound of everyone's breathing couldn't be heard. All of them were too scared to say anything.

"S-Sir, p-please forget about me. I h-have a wife and two k-kids." Khanna whispered in a shaky breath. His voice was cracking in between and he shuttered as he spoke the words with great difficulty. It was clear that the poor man was shaken to the core. "I never looked at y-you in that light. My wife l-loves me too much, she won't be able to bear it. Atleast t-think about my family, Sir."

"I always r-respected you, Sir. Forgive m-me if I ever gave you s-some hints unintentionally but I am n-not into men." He cried from the other side. He never thought that his boss thought about him in this manner. "Besides, I am of your f-father's age. Spare me, p-please."

Abhimanyu was snapped out of his daze as he heard the pleadings of Khanna. He shut his eyes in frustration and pinched the bridge of his nose in anger. Fuck! What shit did he just utter right now?

"Khanna, I will talk to you later." Abhimanyu said and cut the call, not even bothering to give some explanation to the poor man who was terrified for his life.

"It's done."


Everyone looked at him as if spoke some alien words. Abhimanyu was close to losing his patience. He can't believe he is surrounded by idiots.

"The dare is completed." He explained briefly.

Aryan gulped and looked at him. "The dare w-was to speak dirty, not to make the man scared for his life." He said and immediately fumbled on his words when he sensed a soul shaking glare on him. "B-But it's alright. Scary is the new dirty nowadays!" He corrected himself.

Abhimanyu nodded at Aryan. His task is done. He looked at Siya and he found her looking everywhere but at him. She was not meeting his eyes. Her unusual behaviour made him frown.

What happened to her?

The game continued and one by one everyone's chance game. Aahana took a dare one more time and she was asked to do a sexy dance which she did. Sid was asked his favorite sex position and he surprised everyone by saying he's still a virgin and thus he is yet to find his favorite sex position. Divya took the truth once again and she was asked about her previous relationship.

Aryan spinned the bottle again and it landed on Siya. He grinned at her. "Truth or dare?" He asked.

"Dare" Siya smiled confidently.

Aryan was about to give her a dare when Aahana beat it to him.

"Get any man from the hotel to kiss you."

"W-what?" Siya shuttered. Did she hear her correctly?

"You heard me, Siya. You have to make any man kiss you and the point here is, you should not initiate anything from your side."

"What type of dare is this, Aahana?! I am not doing it." Siya said annoyed. How can she kiss any random guy?

"That's why it's called a dare. It's up to you. Either complete the dare and win or drop it and loose." Aahana said in a challenging tone.

Siya was about to argue just when the power of electricity was cut. It became dark everywhere and it was getting difficult to see the person next to us too.

"What happened to the lights?" Aryan questioned with a frown.

Sid tapped on the torch icon on his phone. "I think there's a power cut here but the generators should have produced the lights in case of any power cut. I need to talk with the management." He said and stood up to leave when Aahana decided to join him. "I will come with you too." She said.

He nodded and they both went away. Few minutes later, Divya got a call from her family and she excused herself.

"Oh shit! I need to use the washroom." Aryan said and ran away holding his stomach.

Siya frowned. She was all alone now. She decided to go outside to get some fresh air and spend some time with nature. She stood up and left the hotel. It was completely dark and the only source of light was the moon.

She strolled on the ground, the grass touching her naked feet. The winds were blowing softly in the atmosphere and it made her air flow gently on its tune. The cold winds touched her face and her face turned slightly red because of the chilly weather. She felt herself shivering because of it and wrapped her hands around her. Her eyes looked up at the sky and a smile adored her lips as she watched the stars stretched in an infinite blanket, shining brightly and accompanied by the beautiful full moon.

A twisting sound of twig reached her ears and she became starleted.

Someone was near her.

She turned around to look at the intruder but before she could look at the person, she was slammed on the nearby wall in a strong yet gentle manner. The person didn't have any intention to hurt her but it couldn't stop the surprised wince which left her lips.

She looked at the person who towered over her easily. The darkness was making it difficult for her to see the man but even then she didn't fail to see his dark mismatched eyes. His warm breathing hit her forehead and her heart betrayed her, making those sensation to be alive again.

"What are you-" Her breath hitched in her throat when Abhimanyu stepped closer to her, eliminating the distance between them. She cranked her neck to look at him and the tip of their noses touched with each other. Her heart was bursting with unknown emotions and she wanted to escape from those emotions. She tried to leave from there but he slammed his hand next to her head and caged her in between the wall and him.

She closed her eyes to calm herself. Taking a deep breath, she tried to slow down her racing heart and opened her eyes to look at him. "What do you want?" She asked. The policy of stranger danger was roaming in her mind but in her case, it was boss and danger.

Can she call it bossy danger?

He didn't answer her. Both of them looked into each other's eyes intently and he reduced the distance between them slowly. Her eyes closed on their own, sensing him coming close to her. She felt his warm breathing on her lips and those unfamiliar emotions made its home in her again. Her lips quivered in anticipation and a shaky breath left her lips when she felt his rough yet warm pair of lips on her forehead, resting there for sometime as if trying to savour the moment. A sudden burst of emotions happened inside her and the butterflies in her stomach became alive on sensing his warm lips on her skin.

His lips left her forehead as he stepped away from her yet close enough to her. It made her open her eyes, her skin wanting to feel the same warmth again. It was not a want, it was much more intense. It was a need.

"The dare is completed." His deep voice resonated and it made her heart flip. His powerful presence was making things difficult for her, there was a cold sensation which she was feeling in her stomach and it was making her nervous. "You won."

He traced his thumb over her cheek gently, feeling the softness of her skin and setting it on fire. Brushing some wild hair strands from her face, he tugged them behind her ear. He brought his face close to her and whispered in her ear huskily.

"I won't have let you lose, ever."

His lips brushed her earlobe slightly and she sucked in a deep breath. Her lungs were failing to function, depriving her of the right to breathe. He teased her by tracing her skin with his wet tongue, stroking her skin in a soft yet possessive manner. He continued to teased her flesh before he softly bite her earlobe, marking it and making it red. She felt herself shivering and a chill ran down her spine.

With a shocked look on her face, she looked at him. Her eyes conveyed her emotions well but along with it there was a mixture of other feelings, anticipation and blissfulness.

With a last look at him, she ran away from there.

He looked at her retiring figure, his eyes fixed at her. A call disturbed his trance and he picked it.

"Sir, should we restore the power supply?"

His lips curved upward into a sinister smirk. His demeanour changed completely and in a satisfied voice, he ordered,

"Yes" He commanded.


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