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🛑🛑 Mentions of Character death, physical abuse 🛑🛑

Age of reader: transition from age 6 to 12


Would you mind making one when the reader is biologically the daughter of Natasha even though she's born from a different woman who is her biological father's wife and she escaped from the red room when she was like six and then after a year of being free, she was taken by hydra and trained and sent to kill people until she was twelve and Bucky helped her escape so now she's goes by a different last name and she's being a trainee to Sam and Bucky like how Kate Bishop is a trainee or protege of Clint and she's just telling them this because she was asked...[contd]

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Natasha Romanoff. Once their best asset, now worked for SHIELD. They'd never lost in all the years they'd been active but the Red Room Organization was utterly furious and ready for revenge. When Natasha was confirmed gone rogue, later to be found working for SHIELD, they started the 'Cloning project' hopefully trying to recreate another ruthless killer off of Natasha's bloodwork and DNA.

It took some years, they did succeed in the project but not exactly cloning but a girl was born exactly two years after Natasha left. Anyone who saw the little child could tell she was Natasha's replica, the big inquisitive eyes, the small quirky lips.

Turns out HYDRA wasn't far behind when they'd sensed something brewing in the four walls of the Red Room. They sent their best - James Buchanan Barnes. Unknown to them, James was horrified at the aspect of using such a small child as an asset. He had his own plan in motion when he reached the Red Room. 

Once he had the little girl carefully strapped against his chest, instead of returning to the HYDRA agents like a robot he ran out into the opposite direction out into the middle of nowhere. 

"I'm not letting anything happen to you" he'd whispered to the sleeping baby against his chest once they'd outrun the agents into a safe home. 

--- 6 years later----

"Detka come on! Breakfast is ready" Bucky called out as he walked over to the mattress Natalie was sleeping on. She groaned and kicked a little when Bucky picked her up over his shoulder. He chuckled and shook his head with a smile.

This had been his life for the past six years, they did not have the best house nor did they have the best place to survive but they had each other. Bucky had promised himself and the little baby all that time ago that he'd protect her and so far all was well.

"Now, you stay in here while papa goes and buys us some plums yeah? No sneaking around alright?" He says placing Natalie on her chair as she nods, munching on the eggs he'd made prior. He kisses the top of her head once and grabbed his cap before walking out. 

--- time skip---

"WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER!?" he yelled, his metal fist banging against the glass.

Natasha, Steve, Sam, Tony, Sharon all exchanged confused looks as they looked at the agents. They shrugged and shook their heads. 

No one had seen Natalie in the apartment when Steve broke in. Now she lay safely tucked in Steve's bed, Wanda watching over her incase she woke up and panicked. 

Natalie was stoked when she met Natasha, both of them analyzing each other as she stood there watching her dad being put under. Natasha's eyes landed on the distinctive red hair, the eyes eerily similar to her. The way she walked or talked reminded her of her own childhood. 

She didn't dwell on it much, walking away when T'Challa walked towards them. 

"STEVE NATALIE WAS MY DAUGHTER!?" Natasha screamed, the plate holding her sandwich smashing against the wall as the plate shattered to the ground. Steve just nodded as Natasha read through The Red Room's files about Natalie. Her eyes welled up with tears, she had her right there, so close and she left her back in Wakanda. 

Now she'd turned to dust when they fought Thanos. Natasha fell back on the chair, running her hand through her hair. They had to defeat Thanos, bring back everyone. She needed answers, she needed her daughter.

---time skip to after Tony's funeral---

"PAPA" Natalie ran across the hall barreling into Bucky's arms. Sam stood back, eyes trained on the twelve year old as he smiled a little. 

Bucky and Sam knew they'd have to start training her soon, so they'd taken it upon themselves to teach her whatever they knew. Surprisingly Natalie seemed to catch on pretty quick, her fighting style resembling Natasha's. Sam couldn't control the lump that formed in his throat when he saw Natalie land exactly the way Nat used to. 

"Hey Natalie?" Sam asked

"Yeah Uncle Sam?"

"Do you know who Natasha Romanoff is?" He asks and she nods with a smile.

"Yeah, she's my idol, I used to look up to her" she says 

"Used to?"

"Can't look up to a dead person now can I?" She says sadly, walking back to the mat.

Sam stood there, watchin the shadow of Natasha Romanoff, Natalie fight. She was her mother, her mother lived on in her. Even though she'll never know her, he knew Natasha was watching over her from up there, making sure her daughter was as bad ass as she was. 

"You would've loved her Nat, I'll make sure she knows"