"Home with you"

"Love, put your wellies on. It will be muddy and I don't want to have to carry you back like last time!" Your boyfriend shouts from across his large, decorative house, his voice bouncing off the walls.

"Hey! Dino dropped his ball into the muddy puddle and you were too busy laughing at him so I had to go and get it! It's not my fault my shoes weren't waterproof" you defend yourself trailing off at the end.

You don't hear from Louis until you feel his strong arms wrap around your waist from behind and soft kisses pressed to your neck.

In one swift movement, he is in frowns of you; staring so deeply into your eyes with his own honey-coloured one.

"I know. You're just too kind" he says before cradling your face gently between his warm hands and pressing a delicate kiss to your forehead and one on your lips.

"You ready?" He whispers as you reluctantly pull away from each other and at your nod, he reaches down and clips Dino onto his lead.

"Come on boy! Let's go" he says as he opens his front door and allows you to step out before him.

Once he's locked his house, the three of you are on your way.

The morning is cold but not bitterly, and the fog is comforting not confusing, like a soft blanket. The autumn leaves fall down like pieces of a jigsaw connecting your lives together as more and more are laid out in front of you.

The soft crunches of the chilled leaves and dinos little, padded footsteps filter through the crisp morning air - no other soul on the path.

"I love you. So much" you say as you keep your eyes on the road ahead of you, your boyfriend though, instantly turning to look at you.

"What?" Louis says.

"I love you." You say, as if it's the most obvious thing.

"I know but, why did you say it like that?" He asks, his voice inquisitive but not threatening.

"I've just been thinking and, I'm so lucky to be your girlfriend. To know you, even" you say, pulling his hand out of his designer coat pocket and locking your own with his.

He goes silent for a minute so you turn to look at him, his eyes on his feet as they love forwards and a large smile attached to his face.

"I've been thinking too." He says, causing your eyes to focus even more on him.

"Okay..." you say, eluding for him to continue.

He says nothing, but holts his movements subsequently causing you to do the same as his hand still catches yours.

He pulls you gently closer to him and locks his other hand with yours.

"I love you too. So much. I want to spend all of my time with you, I want you there by my side through everything, the highs and the lows. I want you there to always rescue dinos balls from muddy puddles. I want to be there to carry you home. I want you with me all the time because you feel like home." He says and you have to fight your inner demons to prevent tears from pouring out your eyes.

"Move in with me? Please." He says and your breath hitches in your throat.

"What?" You say, breathless.

"You heard me" he says more confidently, "move in with me."

You pause and think for a moment.

"Okay" you whisper.

"Okay?" He repeats after you.

"Okay! Yes! I'll move in with you!" You shout excitedly and he instantly lifts you off the ground and spins you round in circles.

Once you're both calmed down and catching your breath after the joy - you look at him dead in the eye.

"How come you always end up picking me up when we go on walks?"

Short little imagine but we are back baby!! Thank you for your support - love u the most <3

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