Chapter 29 ~ Childe & Akio ~

"Come on over here Aiko, there's enough space for the two of us" Childe says in an enthusiastic tone as he relaxes on the double bed with his arms folded under his head.

"Ah no thanks I'll just sleep on the sofa" Aiko awkwardly declines.

Unfortunately the both of them ended up in the room with the double bed.

"Just great" Aiko mumbled as he put his stuff away.

"Oh it's not that bad" Childe replies as he heard Akio's comment.

He gets up form the bed and flings his arm
Over Akio's shoulder.

"We've got this" he encourages as he laughs.

Aiko looks at him with a shocked expression.

"After this let's play some games to pass the time" Childe suggested as he then walked off into the bathroom.

Aiko stood there not knowing what to make of what just happened. He was taken aback by the fact his boss dropped all formalities and was speaking so casually.

. . . As if they were

. . . . Friends?

~Aiko POV~

I rushed to grab my phone, trying to call y/n.

Damn it why isn't she picking up.

I sigh deeply as I chuck it into the bed, great I'm here stuck with Mr Childe.

Don't get me working I don't have any specific problems with him, it's just that it's hard to have fun when your with someone who can fire you ASAP for making one wrong move.

I don't want to constantly be on guard.

I finish unpacking my stuff and then lay on the bed.

Before I know it I slowly close my eyes.

Just a little rest, it won't hurt.

~Half an hour later ~

"Uwahhhhhhhh" I loudly yawn as I turn to my side

As I slowly open my eyes I'm met with a familiar ginger colour. I squint my eyes as I try and get them to focus.

I immediately jump up as I see Mr Childe staring at me with a smile. Lying right next to me.

"Ahhhhh" I yell as I look at him horrified.

"Your quite the looker Aiko, I'm surprised I've never noticed" he complemented me as if everything was completely normal.

"H-huh, Thanks" I reply more as an obligation.

"I've been quite bored whilst you were sleeping, what should we do??" He sits up with me and gives me a friendly look.

"Wait, what were you doing the whole time??" I ask curiously.

"Hm, oh I was laying down next to you" he replied casually.

Oh my god the sudden attitude change towards me is difficult for me to grasp.

He's really acting like we're long time friends, and I honestly don't know how to respond.

"Relax Aiko, I can separate work from my personal life. Just chill out" he says as he slaps my back in a friendly manner.

"So I won't get fired for anything I do?" I ask just to confirm.

"Not if your not at work" he replies assuring me.

"Alright sounds good" I say as I throw my arm around his shoulders.

This may not be so bad.

~ 2 hours later~

We had canned drinks scattered everywhere and food half eaten on the table as we held the game controllers in our hands.

"Your not winning this time" I declare as I'm completely concentrated on the game in-front of me.

I hear Childe let out a cocky 'humph' and from my peripheral vision saw him smirk.


I sigh as I see that written on his side of the screen.

I take a sip out of my drink and place it back on the table.

"Not too bad 12-9, I'm surprised you managed to keep up" Childe says as he smiles at me.

"I'm more surprised that you beat me, no one's good at this game" I sigh in defeat.

"What can I say, I'm good at most things" he brags as he picks his drink up from the table.

I look at him curiously.

"Go on, I know you want to ask me something" he spoke as he sipped his drink.

I didn't expect anything less from him to be honest.

"You sure you want me to?" I ask before I fire away.

He nods smiling.

"Do you like y/n?" I question him as I stare waiting for a reply.

~Childes pov~

"Do you like y/n?" I hear Aiko ask me as I freeze.

What type of question is that. I don't know where he's getting at but I'm finding it hard to see where he got this misunderstanding from.

I'm sure I haven't given any impression that I do.

"No, why would you think that?" I reply with a question wanting to know where he got his idea from.

"No reason really, just thought I should ask" he shrugged it off.

"Well she's not unattractive, but then again neither is Kaori" I continue as I think of them.

Akio's eyes widen.

"You like Kaori?!?!?!?" He shouts shocked.

"Aiko my friend, I never said anything like that. I just said the girls are decent looking. There's a difference between finding someone pleasant to look at and liking someone" I clarify for him as he's clearly getting the wrong idea.

"Yeah guess your right they are both pretty" Aiko agrees.

I suddenly felt really irritated and I'm not sure why.

I shrug it off and lean to pick my controller up.

What does it mean to like someone? I thought.