Walking through the courtyard with Wednesday by my side, I can barely contain my energy as we wait for the Poe Cup to begin.

As we make our way towards Enid, a certain siren catches my eye as she starts heading in my direction.

Bianca smirks smugly as we make eye contact, causing me to give her a sickly sweet smile of my own. She's got a big storm coming.

She shoulder checks me as she passes by, so self absorbed that she doesn't even notice the bad luck hex I discretely put on her with the touch of my hand.

Smirking over to Wednesday with a discrete nod, her own lips upturn slightly in mischievous smirk as she realizes what I've done.

"We're all set." Enid tells Wednesday in greeting as we find her sat on a bench waiting for us to arrive.

"Good. Thing is in position." Wednesday tells her secretively and I raise my brow curiously.

"Wanna share with the class what you have planned for today?" I ask my mysterious roommate curiously and she bites back sarcastically.

"And spoil the surprise?"  She raises her own eyebrow and I roll her eyes playfully at her attitude. I need to reach her to lighten up sometime.

"Speaking of surprises, your costumes are in the tent!" Enid grins mischievously as Wednesday pales even more than usual.

"Costume?" She asks with a cringe and Enid nods eagerly, pushing me and Wednesday towards our team's tent to get ready.

And sure enough when we enter there are two skintight black mesh and leather costumes hung up and waiting for us.

Wednesday glances over me with a look of distress and I shrug causally, picking up my costume and admiring the details.

After a few moments of changing into the badass jumpsuit, black face whiskers and black cat ears I come out of the tent to find Wednesday waiting for me looking very annoyed to be in her costume.

I open my mouth to compliment her on how hot she looks but she interrupts me with a a death glare before I can even say anything, so I close my mouth choosing not to test her when she's in her grumpy mood.

"Omg, you guys look puuurfect! Only thing, where are your whiskers?" Enid frowns as she notices Wednesday without face point on like us.

"Ask again and you'll be down to eight lives." Wednesday threatens coldly, causing Enid to sigh and take her arm to drag her over to the pier where the competition is about to start.

Following closely behind them, I look around at the different teams getting ready to race.

One of the boys dorms is huddling in a group with dark purple hoods on doing a last minute pep talk.

The gold beetle team, led by Bianca is grinning like a bunch of hyenas as they size up their competitors.

Locking eyes for a moment with my current nemesis, Bianca practically scoffs when she takes in my outfit. Giving her a taunting little wave, I grin evilly over at her as her posse of sirens start to whisper about me.

They should really spend less time gossiping and more time getting ready to have their asses handed to them.

Looking away from the mean girls, I continue to make my way down towards the pier but another brightly colored group catches my eye.

Walking past what seems to be the Cask of Amontillado inspired group, I find one jester in particular that looks better than the rest.

With a full face of black and red joker makeup, I watch as Xavier Thorpe notices me staring at him while he was talking to his teammates.

His eyes go wide as he take in my own outfit, and even though it looks like he was in the middle of a conversation with Ajax, he immediately ditched him and starts walking over to me.

Crossing my arms as he approaches, I give him a smug smile as he looks down at me surprised.

"Hey. I didn't know you were competing today, you look-" he looks down at my outfit, his eyes dark as he tries to find the right words to compliment me.

"Like I'm ready to kick your ass? Absolutely." I finish his sentence tauntingly, tilting my head to the side in challenge.

"Ouch, so that's how it's going to be?" He smirks back, trying to make me fluster as he adjusts the car ears on my head.

"Mmhhm..." I tell him confidently as I slap away his hand. Two can play at this game.

Stepping forward and looking up into his dark brown eyes, I slowly reach up to fix his crooked jester hat and tuck a piece of his long hair out of his face.

He goes still as he looks down at me, gazing down at my face as I smirk and pull back watching him fluster at the simple touch.

"Good luck, you're gunna need it." I lower my voice giving him a subtle wink as I walk away before he can even respond, and my heart starts beating out of my chest at my sudden confidence. I blame the cat suit.

Looking back over my shoulder I catch him staring after me with his mouth open slightly, successfully distracted from the competition at hand.

I internally pat myself on the back as I rush back to the rest of my team, feeling giddy at that look on his face as I left.

As the rest of the students and staff gather on the edge of the pier, trumpets and drums boast loudly from the school band as the four teams get in position.

Oar in hand, I focus on waiting for the sound of the gun to start the race. However as I look forward at Enid sitting in front of me, I notice her looking to the right and waving at someone.

Following her gaze, I see Ajax smirking back at her as he dips his head down to hide his smile.

Behind him I notice Xavier is already looking over here, and when I make eye contact he smiles softly.

I can't help but smile back and my magic flares up as my stomach flips causing the waves around us to get stronger, rocking the boats aggressively.

Oh fuck, do I actually have a crush on Xavier Thorpe? Get a grip Violet, now is not the time to be having realizations about your current enemy!

"Focus, both of you." Wednesday whisper scolds Enid and I and we both snap out of it, focusing back on the open lake pushing away thoughts of stupid cute boys.

"What do we have here? The runts of the litter?" Bianca taunts over to us from her own boat as she gets ready, and Wednesday and I give her simultaneous death glares.

"I want to welcome you all to the Edgar Allen Poe Cup! This is one of Nevermore's proudest annual traditions, dating back a hundred and twenty five years...." Headmistress Weems announces to the crowd as they cheer in anticipation for the spectacle.

"Each team must row across to raven island, pull a flag from Crackstone's crypt and hustle back without sinking or being sunk. First keep to cross the finish line with their flag wins the cup and bragging rights for a year, as well as some special privileges." She continues as I hold up my pat ready to start rowing.

"Let the Poe Cup begin!" She yells, holding the gun up into the air and firing.

The crack of the gun echoes across the lake and all four teams spring into action yelling commands at each other and paddling their boats as fast as they can.

"Go!" Enid yells out to us as we start rowing in sync, pushing our boat through the rough waters.

"Oh excuse us, ladies."

The Amontillado team led by Xavier pushes our boat to the side as they power past us, and I make eye contact with a smirking Xavier as they leave us in the dust. Asshole.

Soon after that the other boys team catches up to us and our boats paddle neck and neck.

"Duck!" I yell out suddenly as I glance over and notice that the purple cloaked team's boat has an axe contraption getting ready to swing at us.

Our team ducks at the last moment and the axe slices the air above our heads causing us to fall behind as the other teams keep paddling away towards the island.

As we continue to try our hardest to get back to the front I take calming breath and focus my energy on the water around us, making the waves higher and harder to push through for the other teams boats.

But as I connect my magic to the lake, I can feel a larger threat swimming against the current from below.

The next thing I know, the purple cloaks in front of us are dragged over to a buoy and their boat cracks in half upon impact. This must be Bianca's secret weapon.

"There's something in the water." I tell Wednesday behind me and she nods in confirmation, ordering Thing to flip a lever on the bottom of the boat.

As I close my eyes and continue to focus, I feel a net shooting out from underneath our boat catching the entity making it stop.

"We're good, lets go." I confirm to Wednesday that the treat is taken care of and we continue to paddle our hearts out until we make it to the island.

When we finally dock at the edge of the land, Wednesday jumps out of the boat and holds her hand out to me so I can hop out after her.

"Stay here and make sure Bianca can't sabotage our boat." Wednesday tells Enid and our other teammate and they nod dutifully as we start to run into the woods towards the crypt.

Hopping over logs and dodging tree branches, I follow Wednesday's lead as we get closes and closer to the checkpoint.

"Let's go man, they're right here." I head Ajax call out to Xavier as we approach the crypt, and I smirk over at him as he takes his team's flag and nods at me in greeting.

"Later Violet!" He teases, jogging past me back towards the boats and I roll my eyes playfully at him as he passes.

"Later joker!" I yell back, then turn to see Wednesday touch the wall of the crypt as she grabs our flag.

Suddenly the girl stiffens up as if she's been possessed by a demon and topples over onto the ground, knocked unconscious immediately.

"Wednesday!!" I yell out in concern as I crouch next to her, shaking her shoulders and wiping dirt off of her face from when she face planted.

"Wake up, please wake up! Come on..." I continue to try and wake her but she just lays there frozen. What the hell is happening to her?

"Taking a cat nap?" Bianca grins evilly down at us as her team approaches, taking their flag and watching us struggle.

"Oh fuck off Bianca." I snap back, not in the mood for her shit right now.

She scoffs at me, looking offended as her team pulls her away back towards the boats.

A couple moments later, Wednesday finally stirs looking confused as she wakes.

"Oh thank God. We have to go, we're falling behind." I help Wednesday to stand and we both start running back to the boats, now in last place.

"Hurry up! We have to go!" Enid waves us over as we make it back to the lakeside, and we quickly hop in trying to regain our lost time.

"Sorry, we had a bit of a setback." I tell my fellow cats as we start rowing double time.

However, luck is on our side because as we continue to row we notice that the jesters boat is starting to slow down.

"Yo, what's going on?" I hear Xavier's frantic voice as we start to pass them, and our team laughs as we watch their boat start to sink hopelessly into the water.

"Later boys!" I taunt as we pass, and Xavier shakes his head at me as I giggle watching his hat fall off as he gives up.

"I just asked myself w.w.w.d? What would Wednesday do."  Enid tells us as we leave them in the dust, proudly admitting to sabotaging the boys boat.

"You are a genius E." I praise the blonde for her quick thinking as we continue to catch up to the the only team left, the gold bugs.

"Come on, faster!" I yell out as we're almost neck and neck, and Wednesday flips another switch causing large metal spikes to spring out from the side of the boat.

However, before we can get close enough to attack their boat, we start getting pushed back from underneath the water.

"Shit."  I mutter out as I look over the side of the bot and see a tail down in the murky water. The siren must've gotten untangled from the net.

Thing starts to crawl towards the edge of the boat, getting ready to dive in but I stop him from jumping in.

"Thing, I've got this." I tell it reassuringly, closing my eyes and taking another deep breath to center myself.

Throwing out my magic in a net, it sinks down, down, down until it reaches the bottom of the lake where the vines and algae grow.

Clenching my fists, I will the vines to grow and grow until they start wrapping themselves around the siren's tail.

The boat stops moving as the siren starts to get pulled deeper and deeper until it can no longer reach our boat.

Leaving him there to dangle until my magic wears off, I give a nod to Wednesday that the problem is dealt with.

With the underwater siren out of the way, we start to push back towards Bianca's team and I watch on happily as Wednesday's spike trap shreds their boat to pieces, putting us securely in first place.

"Later losers!" I wave goodbye as we watch Bianca and her crew look absolutely furious as they sink.

"Yess!!! We fucking did it!!" I yell out as our team docks back on the pier and runs up to the finish line.

Jumping up and down in celebration, I shake Enid's shoulders crazily as the crowd cheers us on.

"This is the greatest moment of my entire life!!!!" Enid yells back, grinning victoriously as she holds the flag up with Wednesday.

I even see Wednesday smirking slightly, which is probably the happiest I've ever seen her.

"Admit it Wednesday, you kinda go into the whole school spirit thing." Enid grins over at Wednesday, who shrugs slightly.

"You didn't tell me it was a dark vengeful spirit." Wednesday replies smugly as we watch Bianca climb onto the deck of the lake, looking soaking wet and miserable.

"That's my girl!" I bump my shoulder into hers proudly, equally as satisfied to see Bianca lose...

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